Oct 232013
Anne Curtis (MNS Photo)

Anne Curtis (MNS Photo)

Anne Curtis thinks it is about time that the lesbian community also gets its own pageants, just like gays.

This comes after the actress was asked for her reaction on their new segment on “It’s Showtime” called “That’s My Tomboy” which made it to the local Twitter trending topics for two consecutive days.

“I think it’s about time that they get to have their own pageant. Ang po-pogi nila. But then you get to know the deeper side of them because you get to see that they are still in touch with their feminine side,” she said.

“Nandoon pa rin naman ang pagkababae nila. It’s just that they are attracted to the same sex,” she added.

According to Curtis, having lesbian friends is nothing new to her since she went to an all-girls school when she was in grade school.

Asked if she also had female admirers, Curtis admitted: “Yes, when I was in grade 7, kasi all-girls [school] ako. Hindi naman [ako niligawan], grade 7 lang so puro padala ng letter. You’re all friends eh. Wala pang malice.”

New endorsement

Meanwhile, Curtis said she is happy to have another company which trusted her to be their endorser. Curtis was recently launched as the face of a videoke microphone due to her fondness for singing.

“I didn’t know what to say when I was informed that I’m going to be the endorser. All I can say was ‘Are you serious? Me? Why not!’ Being a singer by choice, it’s suitable,” she said.

Despite criticism from some people, Curtis said she still loves to sing even if she does not have a great voice.

“I want to be a singer regardless. I believe it is part of the culture of Filipinos because it’s everywhere. It’s part of our lifestyle and our culture already,” she said.

Earlier this year, Curtis toured the country to stage her show, “No Other Concert,” which materialized following the success of her “Annebisyosa” concert at the Araneta Coliseum last year. (MNS)

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