Nov 232013
Richard Gutierrez (MNS Photo)

Richard Gutierrez (MNS Photo)

RICHARD Gutierrez said he’s ready to work again after taking a short break from the entertainment business.

After his 11-year contract with GMA-7 ended a few months back, the actor decided to give time for himself and unwind a little with close friends and family members. He even disclosed his interest in going back to school and to study short courses in filmmaking.

In an interview, the 29-year-old said he realized that sometimes stepping back wouldn’t hurt one’s focus and drive at work

“It’s the best decision that I’ve done in life. It kind of slowed me down, it kind of get my bearings right and it ignited again a fire inside of me kung ano talaga ang gustong gawin ko and I think next year is the right time to reconnect with my audience,” said Richard.

He added, “(Now I know how) to pick and choose the right projects. Yung 11 straight years ko I didn’t slow down. I think it’s important to take a vacation once in a while or a long break.”

Richard said he also enjoyed his short absence in the business because he got to spend a lot of time with girlfriend Sarah Lahbati and his immediate family.

“Enjoy ‘yung buong vacation ko not only because of Sarah, but also I was with my family. I spend time with them, with my friends, wala akong pressure or responsibility to beat my schedule. It just kind of going back to my roots,” said Richard.

The actor said his vacation helped strengthen his romance with Sarah, especially now the latter is going through some rough time in her professional career.

The actor said, “We’ve been going through a lot lately and it made our relationship together. We’ve been traveling a lot also so that’s good for us. There’s a lot of different dynamics in our relationship.”

When asked if they are now both ready to answer intrigues linked to their relationship, particularly the news that Sarah gave birth in Europe, Richard said there’s a right time to speak on this matter.

Meanwhile, the actor confirmed that he will be back on the big screen next year. He’s slated to star in GMA Films upcoming action thriller movie.

Richard clarified that this movie does not signal he’s inked a new network deal with the Kapuso channel, but the project is still part of his existing contract with the film outfit.

Richard said, “It’s something exciting for me, it’s something new. It’s the first time that I will be working with this team. It’s a dark movie na I will take a different character and it excites me.”

“I miss doing movies and I’m happy I’ll be doing one soon. It’s not the typical movie that I’ve done before, it’s very challenging and it something different. It’s special because of the script, of the concept,” he added.

The actor shared they have done some screen tests last week and the whole team is scheduled to attend the story conference in the coming days.

Richard said he has good professional relationship with GMA Films, headed by Atty. Annette Gozon who is currently at odds with Sarah, and hopes it will continue until their next couple of projects.

“We set that aside. I really haven’t met Ms. Annette, so we keep it strictly professional nothing personal. Kung ano ‘yung relationship namin before ganun parin naman,” he said.

At the end of the day, Richard hopes things will be settled between the two.

I want it to be done. Maganda kung maaayos lahat and at peace lahat. Somehow, someway, baka hindi pa ito yung tamang panahon but hopefully soon sana maayos na. Marami na din kasi nabitawang salita and nagawang bagay na nakasakit sa mga tao. I guess ‘yung emotions ngayon nangingibabaw pa, ‘yung mga hurtful na nangyari,” Richard also said. (MNS)

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