Nov 252016
The arrested Chinese workers in Pampanga. Photo courtesy of Bureau of Immigration

The arrested Chinese workers in Pampanga. Photo courtesy of Bureau of Immigration

The Bureau of Immigration (BI) has arrested a total of 1,240 illegal Chinese workers inside a posh rest and recreation center in Clark, Pampanga.

In a report to BI Commissioner Jaime Morente, the joint operation against the Chinese nationals were conducted by the BI’s Fugitive Search Unit  and the Angeles City Police led by Senior Superintendent Sidney Villafor.

“Our immigration officers have started conducting verification of passports (of the suspects),” Morente said.

Immigration Spokesperson Atty. Maria Antonette Bucases-Mangrobang said the Chinese nationals are working in call center type of operations  and investigation is still ongoing to identify the owner.

Initial evaluation showed that some of the arrested Chinese nationals have working visas.

“But we still have to determine the type of working visa…We still have to check if the actual work when they were arrested is the same as that indicated in the working visa. It is not just enough that they have a working visa,” she said adding that some have arrived in the country as tourists.

On who will be deported, Mangrobang said the Board of Commissioners will still have to determine that based on the evidence to be submitted by the Immigration’s Intel.

“It will be assessed to determine the necessary actions to take as far as these foreign nationals are concerned,” she added.

The arrested Chinese nationals are currently at the Fontana Food Center and are being secured by elements of the Special Action Force (SAF). CDG


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Nov 242016
BI nabs more than 1,200 Chinese suspected working illegally in PH

The Bureau of Immigration on Thursday arrested 1,269 Chinese nationals suspected to be illegally working in Clark, Pampanga. Citing initial reports, BI commissioner Jaime Morente said the foreigners were apprehended at a popular rest and recreation facility there. The operation was carried out due to a directive from the Department of Justice. Morente said the foreigners’ documents are being verified based on intelligence information that the Chinese nationals illegally entered the country to work here. In an initial report to the BI chief, the agency’s Fugitive Search Unit said the operation was carried out at Fontana in Clark, in cooperation with local police units. The arrested foreigners are being processed and secured by elements of the Special Action Force at the Fontana food center, said BI spokesperson Tonette Mangrobang. CDG RELATED STORIES BI probes foreign traders, firms BI orders expulsion of 155 foreigners working illegally in PH TAGS: Bureau of Immigration, Chinese, Department of Justice, illegal work For feedback, complaints, or inquiries, contact us.

Nov 172016
Yasay: US arguably still most powerful nation on Earth

LIMA, Peru — A new world order led by China and Russia may be emerging in the Asia-Pacific region but the United States “still is arguably the most powerful nation on Earth,” Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay said Thursday. Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) ministerial meetings, the country’s top diplomat acknowledged the shift in power dynamics and geopolitics in the region following such developments as President Rodrigo Duterte’s pivot toward Asia and the election of billionaire Donald Trump as the next US president. But he said such developments did not necessarily mean US influence in the region was waning nor that it would refrain from exercising its influence with Trump taking the helm. “They have just shifted their priorities, and there have been some responses insofar as the shift of priorities is concerned… The rebalancing has generated some kind of concern but I think America even in spite of changes in the leadership as a result of the recent elections will continue to lead,” Yasay said “The United States arguably is still the most powerful country, nation, on earth, and it will continue to exercise its influence. I understand that in retaining that influence or the maintenance of the influence will be in pursuit also of its paramount national interest,” he said. But Yasay said change had indeed come in Asia Pacific, partly as a result of China’s more assertive posture and growing economic might. “[While] others think that there is geopolitical shift insofar as Read More …

Nov 172016
PH to stand by Edca—Yasay

LIMA, Peru — The Philippines will continue to honor its Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (Edca) with the United States. In a meeting on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) Leaders Meeting here, Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay said he communicated with US Secretary of State Rodrigo Duterte the assurance of President Duterte of the continuation of the Philippines’ defense cooperation with the United States. “The President has assured America we will continue to respect our treaty agreement and the supporting agreements with respect to the Mutual Defense Treaty. We will continue with Edca,” Yasay said in a briefing for Filipino journalists after the Kerry meeting. The country’s top diplomat met with his US counterpart, along with Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez. In October, Duterte threatened to stop the implementation of Edca, saying it was under government review. The President also reminded the US government that it was just an executive agreement. READ: Angry Duterte threatens to end Edca Signed in April 2014 under the Benigno Aquino III administration, Edca allows US troops access to military bases and camps in “agreed locations” in the Philippines. Yasay clarified that Mr. Duterte “never said anything about discontinuing Edca.” “In fact during his inaugural speech, he said he would continue to respect our Mutual Defense Treaty and other supporting documents, including Edca,” the official said. What Duterte had stressed, however, was that the cooperation with the US would no longer be focusing on the area of “joint military exercises that would be demonstrative of preparing ourselves Read More …

Oct 082016
French paper banners Duterte as ‘serial killer president’

Screengrab from A French newspaper has tagged President Rodrigo Duterte as a “serial killer president” amid a piling body count in the administration’s bloody war on drugs. Duterte landed on the front page of France’s “The Liberation” daily, which featured the Philippine government’s relentless antidrug drive in its four-page story. The article also touched on Duterte’s expletive-laced statements against US President Barack Obama and Pope Francis, and his controversial remarks that drew parallels with Adolf Hitler’s killing of Jews and the war on drugs. READ: Duterte ‘Hitler’ talk reaps international censure In a radio interview on Sunday morning, Interior Secretary Mike Sueno said the “serial killer” tag against Duterte was “very unfair.” “Kung hindi ito ginagawa ni Pangulong Duterte, magiging narco-state tayo… Sa aming pananaw, walang extrajudicial killings dito dahil karamihan sa mga namamatay ay ‘yung mga lumalaban sa kapulisan,” Sueno told radio DZMM. (If President Duterte doesn’t do this, we will become a narco-state. In our point of view, there are no extrajudicial killings here because most of those who die are those who fight the police.) The Liberation was among the latest foreign media outfits that reported on the Duterte administration’s antinarcotics campaign, which continued to draw international attention amid criticisms of suspected extrajudicial killings and human rights abuses. International publications like The Guardian, TIME, The New York Times, and the Washington Post previously featured different aspects of the war on drugs. Duterte and his men have repeatedly criticized the foreign media for supposedly spinning his statements. As of Read More …

Oct 052016
Taiwan offers visa-free entry to qualified PH passport holders

The Taiwanese government has eased its visa requirements for qualified Philippine passport holders, according to the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in the Philippines. Based on the new rules, Philippine passport holders who have been granted entry to selected countries may go to Taiwan for up to 30 days without a visa starting last Sept. 1. TECO said applicants who have either a valid entry visa or permanent resident card issued by Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, any of Schengen countries, the United Kingdom and the United States are qualified for visa-free travel to Taiwan. All Philippine passport holders were previously required to apply for visa before they could visit Taiwan. Expired visa or resident card in the abovementioned countries is also valid provided that it had expired less than ten years before the date of arrival in Taiwan, TECO said. To be eligible for the exemption, applicants should also have an onward/return air or ferry ticket and passport with a remaining validity of at least six months before the date of arrival, and should have never been employed as blue-collar workers in Taiwan. Applicants may apply for exemption authorization certificate online. CDG READ: Filipinos among Asia’s top travelers, says Visa TAGS: Passport, Taiwan, Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office (TECO), Travel, visa For feedback, complaints, or inquiries, contact us.

Oct 042016
Duterte threat to cut US-PH ties worries Army officers–Trillanes

Some military officers have expressed concern over President Rodrigo Duterte’s threats to cut ties with the United States but it was “nowhere near enough to launch a coup,” Senator Antonio Trillanes IV said on Wednesday. While no one has approached him “physically,” Trillanes said he has been getting word about the “sentiments” of some military officers and men. “But let just say that by and large, the AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines) is very supportive of the President and they are loyal to the chain of command so there are no factions within the armed forces,” he said in an interview over ABS CBN News Channel. Asked what those sentiments were, the senator said: “It can’t be generalized. I believe some are concerned about the direction the President is going particularly ending ties with the US armed forces because these ties go way back and it’s not easy to do that.” Asked again if the sentiments were coming from the soldiers, Trillanes said: “No. Some officers randomly expressing concerns, but it’s nowhere near enough to launch a coup. “From what I’m getting is nowhere near that but again by and large, soldiers, the rank and file, enlisted personnel, junior officers are happy with the apparent concern of the President when he visited their camps and he promised them to double their salaries so who would not agree with that? So by and large the morale is very high,” said the senator, who led a failed mutiny against then President Read More …

Oct 012016
US mood hardens as leader of ally PH stokes outrage

In this Sept. 27, 2016, photo, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte addresses Philippine Marines in suburban Taguig city east of Manila, Philippines. As the body count mounts in the Philippines’ war on drugs, and its combative president’s rhetoric plumbs new depths, the mood in Washington toward the key Asian ally is hardening. Influential U.S. lawmakers are warning that the extra-judicial killings in the drugs war–that Duterte on Sept. 30 compared to the Holocaust–could affect American aid. AP WASHINGTON — As the body count mounts in the Philippines’ deadly war on drugs, and its combative president’s rhetoric plumbs new depths, the mood in Washington toward a key Asian ally is hardening. Influential US lawmakers are warning that the extra-judicial killings in the drug war — President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday compared it to the Holocaust — could affect American aid. And while the Obama administration maintains that its 65-year-old alliance with the Philippines remains “ironclad,” a senior US diplomat is cautioning Duterte against more anti-US posturing. READ: Pentagon: US-PH ties ironclad “I think it would be a serious mistake in a democratic country like the Philippines to underestimate the power of the public’s affinity for the US That’s people power,” Assistant Secretary of State Daniel Russel told The Associated Press. Russel did not draw a direct comparison, but past Philippine presidents have been toppled by popular protests dubbed “people power,” including former dictator Ferdinand Marcos, who was ousted in 1986. Duterte has bristled at US criticism of the drug war and repeatedly Read More …

Oct 012016
Defense ministers discuss defusing South China Sea incidents

In this undated file photo released by Xinhua News Agency, a Chinese H-6K bomber patrols the islands and reefs in the South China Sea. China is pitted against smaller neighbors in multiple disputes over islands, coral reefs and lagoons in waters crucial for global commerce and rich in fish and potential gas and oil reserves in the South China Sea. AP FILE PHOTO PEARL HARBOR, Hawaii — Singapore’s defense minister says countries need to look for practical ways to defuse incidents in the South China Sea. China is pitted against smaller neighbors in multiple disputes over islands in South China Sea waters crucial for global commerce. The area is also rich in fish and potential oil and gas reserves. Singapore Defense Minister Ng Eng Hen told reporters Friday on the sidelines of a meeting in Hawaii that incidents may not necessarily involve military ships. He noted navies have established protocols for when they encounter each other at sea. Instead, he says confrontations may develop between fishing vessels or other civilian ships. Ng says Association of Southeast Asian Nation defense ministers and US Defense Secretary Ash Carter talked at their Hawaii meeting about ways to prevent incidents from escalating. RELATED STORIESWarming of ties slows Beijing’s Panatag Shoal plan Taiwan asks Google to blur images of South China Sea island Latest 13 dead, 20 still missing in China after typhoon landslides North Korea building new submarine–US think tank Severe tropical storm ‘Igme’ enters PAR Palace: Duterte rejects comparisons with Hitler Recommended Disclaimer: Read More …

Sep 302016
Germany: Duterte Hitler remarks ‘unacceptable’

BERLIN, Germany – The German government on Friday told the Philippine ambassador that comments by President Rodrigo Duterte likening his deadly crime war to Hitler’s efforts to exterminate Jews were “unacceptable.” Duterte, 71, won elections in May in a landslide after a campaign dominated by his pledge to eradicate drugs in society by killing tens of thousands of people. In comments Friday, he drew parallels between his campaign to wipe out the drug problem and Adolf Hitler’s genocidal drive. “Hitler massacred three million Jews. Now there are three million drug addicts (in the Philippines). I’d be happy to slaughter them,” Duterte told reporters in his home city of Davao. “At least if Germany had Hitler, the Philippines would have,” he said, then paused. “But you know, my victims, I would like to be (sic) all criminals to finish the problem of my country and save the next generation from perdition.” READ: Heil Digong? Nazi Germany slaughtered some six million Jews by the end of World War II. The German foreign ministry said in a statement that it had asked the Philippine envoy “to come to the ministry for a discussion on this issue”. “Any comparison of the singular atrocities of the Holocaust with anything else is totally unacceptable,” ministry spokesman Martin Schaefer told reporters earlier and reiterated in the statement. Germany, Europe’s top economy, has expressed serious concerns about Duterte’s crackdown, which has left more than 3,000 people dead in three months and threatened a breakdown of the rule of Read More …