Nov 192013

MANILA, Philippines – Top mobile phone manufacturer Gionee Equipment Co. Ltd. Gives special focus on research and development (R&D) and innovation which has enabled it to ensure the high quality of its smartphones and maintain their competitive edge. Company officials said Gionee’s R&D system consists of six professional entities: Application R&D Institute, Smartphone R&D Institute, Overseas BU R&D Institute, CDMA R&D Institute, GOSO R&D Institute, and AORA R&D Institute. “Gionee’s focus on R&D and innovation is in keeping with its promise to customers to produce the best mobile phone products that are affordable and packed with useful features so they can do more with less,” Gionee Mobile Philippines head Katrin Salanga-Gregorio said. Gionee is one of the biggest mobile phone manufacturers in China after its Gionee Industrial Park went into production in 2006. It aims to become the top mobile phone manufacturer in China after it completes construction of industrial park facility. The Gionee P2 and GN708, sources said, are selling briskly in the Philippines. For inquiries, you may call 470-63-75, or through its official FB Page: