Aug 022017

Tax exemptions are often met with reservations and must withstand the strict scrutiny of revenue collectors. After all, taxes are the driving fuel that propels all programs and activities of the state. Absolving persons from their tax liabilities means reducing public funds and restraining the government from actualizing its goals. Click for detailed story

Aug 012017

STANDARD Chartered Bank has cut its growth forecast for the Philippines but added that the country will remain the fastest growing in Southeast Asia, supported by favorable domestic conditions that would not need fresh monetary stimulus over the coming year. Click for detailed story

Jul 312017

There have been substantial developments in the reform of the tax system. The President, in his latest State of the Nation Address, sought the assistance of legislators to expedite the approval of the tax reform bill. A significant amendment in this tax reform bill is the lowering of individual income tax rates and estate tax rates. While the lowering of these tax rates is greatly anticipated, I believe that there are other areas in our tax laws which must be given attention to in order to provide adequate relief to taxpayers. Click for detailed story