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53 MPG City / 50 MPG combined in Toyota’s most affordable hybrid

2015 Toyota Prius c

2015 Toyota Prius c

TORRANCE, Calif., – Toyota’s most affordable hybrid vehicle is also its most fuel efficient.  The Prius c with EPA-estimated 53 MPG city / 46 MPG highway / 50 MPG combined, offers the highest MPG of any vehicle on the road today (MPGe vehicles not included).

There’s much more to the Prius c than super-high fuel economy. A restyled front with standard single LED projector low- and high-beam headlights, new exterior colors whose names demand almost as much attention as their hues (Electric Lime Metallic, Tangerine Splash Pearl and Sparkling Sea Metallic), and new “light pipe” taillights add a futuristic touch to the design.  Add to that a cabin upgraded with premium materials, and Prius c makes a compelling choice among compact cars, hybrid or not.

For years, the iconic Prius liftback has been synonymous with “hybrid.”  Today, the Prius is available in four different flavors.  The Prius Family includes the larger standard Prius liftback, the even larger and roomier Prius v and the Prius Plug-in Hybrid that can handle daily driving for many people without using gasoline. In addition, Toyota offers hybrid versions of its Camry and Avalon sedans and Highlander SUV, making Toyota the clear leader in the number of hybrid vehicle offerings and sales volume.

 Toyota Value in Four Grades

Prius c is available in four value-packed grades.  In all trim levels the cabin combines futuristic design elements with everyday comfort and practicality.

 In addition to the all-new single LED projector low- and high-beam headlights, standard features in the Prius c One include a sharp shark-fin antenna, automatic climate control, a full color TFT Multi-Information Display and remote keyless entry with illuminated entry. The tilt-telescopic steering wheel features integrated switches for audio, climate control and Bluetooth® hands-free phone capability. The standard 3.5-inch TFT color Multi-Information Display shows outside temperature, fuel economy information, cruising range, EV miles driven, Hybrid System Indicator, ECO Score and energy monitor.

The Prius c is sized like a subcompact outside but has the room of a bona fide compact inside. (It is classified as a compact by the EPA.)  Efficient packaging of the hybrid powertrain, battery pack and fuel tank results in 104.5 cu. ft. of total interior volume (87.4 cu. ft. passenger volume, 17.1 cu. ft. cargo volume). Thirty-five inches of rear legroom puts it near the top of the class. The efficient packaging also gives the Prius c a low center of gravity and excellent weight distribution, which translates to fun-to-drive agility.  And with NVH improvements for the 2015 model year, the drive experience is even better than before.

Youthful Exterior and Interior Design

The Prius c design projects a fun, youthful attitude that appeals to all ages. It’s also slippery, cheating the wind with a low 0.28 coefficient of drag (Cd). Its lower-body area is wider below the beltline, and combined with very short overhangs and sculpted rear flares, it gives the car an athletic stance.

A wide-ranging color palette provides hues to satisfy every taste.  In addition to the aforementioned new colors, the Prius c looks light and lively in Sun Fusion, Moonglow, Blue Streak Metallic, Absolutely Red, Black Sand Pearl, Magnetic Gray Metallic or Classic Silver Metallic.

What Makes It Go (on So Little Gas)

The Prius c uses its own version of Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive, the technology found in all the brand’s hybrids. The gas engine, electric motor and battery pack are all smaller and lighter than in the standard Prius.

The SULEV (Tier 2 Bin 3)-certified 1.5-liter in-line, 4-cylinder gasoline engine runs on the Atkinson cycle to increase efficiency. It produces 73 horsepower and 82 lb.-ft. of torque, contributing to a total hybrid system output of 99 hp. Locating the Prius c’s 144-volt nickel-metal hydride battery pack under the rear passenger seat, near the center of the vehicle and low in the chassis, helps achieve a low center of gravity for excellent agility.

Like all Toyota hybrids, the Prius c is a full hybrid, meaning it can run on the gasoline engine alone, battery alone, or a combination of both. Hybrid Synergy Drive combines the output of the gas engine and electric motor through an innovative planetary-type continuously variable transmission.
As on other Toyota hybrids, the Prius c employs a slew of other technologies to curb its fuel usage. Regenerative braking helps to recapture electrical energy under deceleration, sending it to the battery, which helps to reduce fuel consumption. Electric power runs the water pump and power steering assist, eliminating drive belts and even some maintenance needs.

One of the three drive modes, EV Mode can let you drive the Prius c solely on electric power for under one mile while remaining below 25 mph. Where would you do that? Maybe when you think circling city blocks while looking for a parking space would be wasting gas.

There’s also Normal Mode, which is ideal for everyday driving, and Eco Mode, which can help optimize fuel economy when you’re willing to give up some throttle response and don’t need the air conditioner to be ice cold.

If you want to check out the new Prius c, or any other Toyota vehicle now, come and visit our friends Brian Bautista, Daniel Rocha and Oscar Monge at Penske West Covina Toyota located at 1800 E Garvey Ave S West Covina, CA. They can be reached toll free at 1-855-593-2298.

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