Jan 162018

You can be excused from setting an online appointment to apply for your passport at the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). In fact there are six official ways to get into the special processing lane.

If you are a senior citizen, a minor, a person with disability, a single parent, a pregnant woman, or an OFW – you can just be a “walk-in” applicant and go directly to the DFA to have your passport processed.

The DFA Courtesy Lane Facility allows the following selected applicants to avail of passport services without need of an online appointment:

  1. Senior citizens (60 years and over) plus one (1) travel companion
  2. Minors seven (7) years old and below (with their parents and minor siblings)
  3. People with disabilities (PWDs) with PWD ID or visible disability plus one (1) travel companion
  4. Single parents (with Solo Parent ID) and their minor children
  5. Visibly pregnant women or with medical certificate
  6. OFW with sufficient proof of status such as iDOLE Card, valid employment contract, work visa

Courtesy Lane facilities are available in all Consular Offices nationwide from Monday to Saturday.

All Courtesy Lane applications and facilities including through accommodation or referrals will be treated as expedited applications and will be charged the expedited fee of Php 1,200.00. Senior citizens have the option to choose regular process priced at PHP 950.00.

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