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MANILA, Philippines – With a number of Filipinos aggressively taking on healthy lifestyles, it is surprising to know that many people are still afflicted by osteoporosis, diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic diseases. Many factors may contribute to the development of these illnesses and one of the most talked about by experts today is vitamin D deficiency.

A study commissioned by pharmaceutical leader United Laboratories, Inc. (Unilab) found that seven out of 10 working Filipinos suffer from vitamin D deficiency. Of the over 5,000 participants tested, more than 70 percent were found to be vitamin D deficient without them even knowing it. The study also found that there is a higher prevalence of vitamin D deficiency among women.

Hi-Precision Diagnostics, a Department of Health licensed medical facility, collected, assayed, and interpreted the results based on international laboratory standards, with 30 ng/ml blood level of vitamin D serving as the baseline for deficiency. Those who registered below the level set were deemed vitamin D deficient.

Vitamin D synthesizes calcium and phosphorus from the food we eat, keeping bones strong and capable of self-recuperation. Aside from making the body’s defense system respond faster and more efficient against foreign invaders, vitamin D also stabilizes heart and blood pressure, regulates insulin secretion by the pancreas, and promotes proper muscle formation and brain development.

The sun is the body’s natural source of vitamin D and those who shun or have very little exposure to it become susceptible to vitamin D deficiency. Having dark skin, staying indoors for most parts of the day, excessive use of sunscreen, and habitual wearing of long-sleeved tops and pants also add to one’s risk of vitamin D deficiency.

Unlike other vitamins which can easily be found in a variety of fruits and vegetables, vitamin D is present only in small amounts in very few foods, making it more difficult for Filipinos to satisfy their body’s vitamin D needs. This is why doctors highly recommend taking vitamin D supplements such as Forti-D.

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For a more holistic approach against vitamin D deficiency, consult your doctor now and ask about Forti-D. A single dose of Forti-D contains 800 IU of Colecalciferol or vitamin D3, which instantly meets the recommended daily intake of vitamin D for Filipinos.

Forti-D is available at all leading drugstores nationwide for only P6.50 per soft gel capsule.

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