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Asia's longest dual-cable zipline, Bukidnon
Asia’s longest dual-cable zipline, Bukidnon [via Fullness of Life]

The Philippines is a beautiful country teeming with tourist spots in every corner of the archipelago.

If you are looking for your next holiday destination, I highly recommend this wonderful Philippine eco-tourism site in Bukidnon (from the Visayan vernacular ‘Bukid’ or mountain), the highland province at the heart of Mindanao island blessed with nature’s rolling grassland plateaus, deep canyons and valleys, alternating with low plains, that makes it a picturesque vista for tourists who are lucky enough to behold its pristine glory. Bukidnon’s high terrain, with an elevation averaging 3,000 feet above sea level, brings with it a nice, cool climate perfect for producing food crops such as rice, corn, sugar, coffee, rubber, pineapples, tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables, making it one of the Philippines’ important food baskets.

Now, as for the eco-tourism destination in Bukidnon that I was talking about, it is no other than the Dahilayan Adventure Park and Dahilayan Forest Park, two of the latest attractions of Bukidnon province that local and foreign tourists alike have come to discover and are raving about.

Getting there

Dahilayan is located in the Bukidnon municipality of Manolo Fortich, about 40 kilometers from Cagayan de Oro City passing by Del Monte Camp Phillips. It is in the foot of the Mount Kitanglad Range National Park, home of the majestic Philippine Eagle, one of the rarest, largest and most powerful birds in the world. It is a scenic ride going to the Dahilayan Adventure Park and Forest Park. On both sides of the road you will see pineapple fields as far as your eyes can see, and on the horizon you’ll find the breathtaking Kitanglad mountain range.

I was joined by my work colleagues Suiee and Faye, who were also raring to experience the adventures that Dahilayan has to offer. I must say, the place is truly world-class, with its own cozy wooden cottages for those who want to stay overnight or more, complete with restaurant café, spaces for picnics and bonfires, as well as souvenir shops. This Bukidnon tourist attraction has also paved the way for generating local employment marked by our distinct brand of Filipino hospitality. I really felt at home with the very professional, friendly, cheerful and ever-accommodating staff of Dahilayan Adventure Park and Dahilayan Forest Park.

Ready to take flight

Dahilayan Adventure Park is home to Zipzone, perfect for zipline fanatics, with its 150-meter, 320-meter, and longest 840-meter ziplines. Aside from the ziplines, the Adventure Park also has a challenging Ropes Course and Wall Climbing zone.

We first tried the shorter ziplines, which were really rather relaxing and a happy thrill, as we skimmed through the top of the pine trees.

After we built confidence and experienced the thrill of the shorter ziplines, we were now all prepped to try out the zipline of all ziplines! First off, we boarded the huge truck that would take us to higher ground for Asia’s longest dual-cable zipline, an 840-meter stretch that promises to take us soaring through tall pine trees and lush vegetation.

For the 840-meter zipline, we were asked to be in a face down position, with arms spread like an eagle simulating a bird in flight. So this is what it feels like to fly! The elevation drop was 100 meters with an estimated zipping speed ranging from 60 – 100 kilometers per hour. With arms clipped on the side of the body, you can go faster. With arms opened wide, you have a little more air resistance. After the initial jitters, I decided to just let go and live the moment. It was fantastic! Even Faye had to say after conquering the longest zipline, “I feel like I can do just about anything now!”

Forest Park adventures

Next up for us adventure-seekers are the equally exciting activities at the Dahilayan Forest Park that is just beside Dahilayan Adventure Park. Like the Zipzone, the Forest Park is another ideal place for bonding with family and friends, with thrilling activities amidst the beauty of nature.

Suiee and I tried the Forest Park’s Tree Top Adventure, which whisked me back to my childhood days. The Tree Top Adventure is a 21-platform course atop pine trees where you walk through ropes, swinging planks of wood, a tight rope and even a moving skateboard! Challenging but loads of fun and will definitely give anyone who accomplishes it a sense of achievement!

Next on our agenda was to try the Buggy Trail Adventure through an off-road course around the park. The buggy is easy to drive but navigating around the rough, dirt roads really made me feel like an adventure sports driver!

While I am not a big fan of bungee, I couldn’t help but try the Forest Park’s Bungee Bounce, which does not involve plunging through scary depths but bouncing on a trampoline! Suiee and I felt like we were defying gravity and threw our cares away as we made funny poses while jumping high up in the air.

As a final activity, Suiee, Faye and I tried zorbing or rolling downhill in an orb or sphere made of plastic. Suiee tried the dry zorb, where he was harnessed to the zorb and literally followed the plastic ball’s motion as it rolled downhill. Faye and I wanted to try the wet zorb, which meant that we would get ourselves soaking wet! Inside the ball, there is no harness but only water that acts as a lubricant to keep Faye and I at the bottom of the ball as it rolled downhill. We truly felt like wet hamsters inside the zorb! We screamed our hearts out as the ball gained speed and we got tossed around the wet zorb.

Adventures to our heart’s content

At the end of a full day of fun and excitement, we found ourselves grinning from ear to ear and felt a flow of endorphins — the happy hormones – through our body. We then enjoyed a sumptuous meal at the park’s restaurant and got ourselves a souvenir photo, shirt and mug. There are still more attractions being developed at the Dahilayan Adventure Park and Dahilayan Forest Park. I can’t wait until our next visit!

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