Feb 042013


MANILA, Philippines—The Bureau of Immigration has ordered the deportation of a South Korean national allegedly wanted in his country for robbery, extortion and illegal drugs.

Immigration Commissioner Ricardo David Jr. identified the Korean national as Bang Gi II, 49. He was picked up by immigration agents at the Manila City Jail last Jan. 29 after a local court dismissed the kidnapping case against him.

A summary deportation was issued against Bang after the Korean government canceled his passport.

Lawyer Jose Carlitos Licas, BI intelligence assistant chief, said Bang is the subject of two arrest warrants for violating South Korea’s narcotics control act.

He said the fugitive was charged with consuming the illegal drug called Philopon and for asking a fellow Korean national to smuggle from Manila more than 35 grams of the drug into Korea on Oct. 13, 2010.

Licas also cited a report from the Korean embassy stating that on Aug. 26, 2009, Bang was convicted and sentenced to one-year imprisonment by a district court in Incheon, South Korea, also for possession of illegal drugs.

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