Dec 242014

Some inmates at the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) are puzzled because the holding area or kubol of convicted kidnapper Jaybee Sebastian was not raided by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).

NBP chaplain Msgr. Roberto Olaguer said some inmates have raised questions on why Sebastian’s kubol was not included during last week’s raid, according to GMA News “24 Oras” report on Wednesday.

Sebastian was convicted of kidnap for ransom and hijacking and is the leader of the Sigue Sigue Commando. He was jailed at Manila City Jail and Bicutan before being transferred to the NBP maximum security compound.

Olaguer said the maximum security compound is divided into two sides and the portion where Sebastian stays has yet to be inspected.

“Yung carcel side, ito laging napupuntirya, ito ‘yung lugar nila (Herbert) Colangco.. ito ‘yung ni-raid; yung side ng presidio na nandun si JB (Sebastian), ang tanong ng mga tao bakit hindi pinuntahan ‘yan?” Olaguer said.

Luxury items were found in Colangco’s kubol during the raid, including music equipment in a recording studio.

According to the lawyer of the inmates who were transferred to NBI, Sebastian’s kubol should be inspected because there are also luxury items inside his holding area.


Justice Secretary Leila de Lima has ordered the transfer of 20 high-profile inmates to NBI after their luxurious lifestyle was revealed during the surprise inspection.

Sebastian is reputedly one of the influential inmates at the NBP.

He was among those who faced the media when former Batangas Gov. Tony Leviste’s repeated leaves from the NBP were discovered by authorities in 2011.

Sebastian prohibited Leviste from talking to the media.

De Lima earlier said that the authorities are not playing favorites on which kubol would be inspected.

“Hindi ‘yun ganun kadali na lahatin namin yung mga suspected also, wala kaming facility and there are reasons that we cannot just disclose to the public… meron pang second wave ‘yan, hinihintay lang namin yung tamang lugar kung saan ilalagay sila lahat,” De Lima said.

In an interview with GMA News’ “Front Row” in 2011, Sebastian said he was content with his condition inside NBP.

“Mas okay pala, hindi congested, parang small community lang. Mas ma-exercise mo kung ano yung hobbies na nakalimutan mo na o napabayaan mo o natalikuran mo nung nasa labas ka pa,” Sebastian said in the interview.

He was one of the organizers of a cooking contest held at Bilibid in 2012. Orientation for contestants were held in a function room inside one of the kubol in NBP.

A studio with a complete set of production equipment, computer and television was found inside the kubol but the owner of the kubol was not identified.

Sebastian has said he liked doing video production. He said he was allowed to have a small studio inside NBP. —Kathryn Mae Tubadeza/NB, GMA News

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