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In its aim to provide world-class customer experience, Chevrolet has partnered with Disney Institute to train its leaders and personnel. Chevrolet Philippines

MANILA, Philippines – The Covenant Car Company Inc. (TCCCI), the exclusive importer and distributor of Chevrolet cars in the Philippines, bolstered its aim to provide top-notch customer experience by further strengthening its partnership with Disney Institute, the corporate university of Walt Disney Company. 

Following its new theme of ‘Be Chevy Strong’, TCCCI tapped the Disney Institute to learn from them the best practices of leadership, brand loyalty, creativity and an innovative culture of its workforce.

“The Disney Institute program has been significantly fruitful to our organization. The Disney way provided us with fresh insights that are key in taking our customer service to class-leading standards. We believe that the collaboration is a progressive step that enables us to achieve the maximum potential for the bowtie brand,” said lawyer Albert B. Arcilla, President and Managing Director of Chevrolet Philippines.

Investing in personnel development is a main strategy of TCCCI to strengthen the Chevrolet stewards and inspire them to render the best customer service and offer the best experience to every Chevy owner. 

The Chevrolet Academy, the company’s learning and development division, was then established to constantly improve the quality of Chevrolet services through skills training, personal development and values formation aimed at engaging every Chevy steward.

Through it, Chevrolet Philippines continuously invests in the growth of its leaders and stewards to gain the winning edge in the highly competitive automotive industry. 

“In our 5 years of operation in managing the Chevrolet brand here in the Philippines, we are blessed to gain tremendous growth each year,” Arcilla said.

“Last 2014, the bowtie brand finished the year with 59.1-percent growth in sales and as we continue to grow, bring in new car models into the market and earn more trust from the public, we believe that it is necessary that we invest in world-class training programs that will provide our customers with a stronger dealer network and the Chevrolet experience that they deserve,” he added.

‘Disney Magic’

Opening people to a world of ‘Disney Magic’, The Walt Disney Company has sparked the imagination of its audiences with timeless tales and iconic characters. Today, the company aims to share its blueprint for success through the Disney Institute, an outfit that has established itself as one of the most recognized names in business solutions and professional development.

Coming from a background of time-tested and adaptable principles of customer service and people management, the Disney Institute’s program provides a different perspective in doing business and a strategic roadmap that leads to changes that are applicable and necessary to a company’s growth.  

Apart from enriching customer experience, the program also focuses on the welfare of the people working for the company.

Acknowledging the importance of maintaining the right environment for steward performance, the program’s strategy is to care for employees in order to engage them to play significant roles in the company.

When every employee fully understands their role in achieving the common goal of the organization, the employee is then empowered to volitionally deliver results, from providing customer satisfaction to achieving the bottom line.  

Continue the partnership

TCCCI’s partnership with the Disney Institute began in March 2014 when top management and leaders of Chevrolet Philippines participated in a two-day workshop conducted by the institute in Hong Kong Disneyland. Within eight months, TCCCI sent other principals and leaders of the Chevrolet dealership network to be trained at the same workshop.

Chevrolet intends to continue the partnership with the Disney Institute more than ever as the company aims to maximize the opportunities that 2015 has to offer.

For Chevrolet Philippines, the Disney workshop is a first step to the long-term plan and commitment of TCCCI to “re-imagineer” the Chevrolet culture and brand identity. 

Today, Chevy has its strongest and most complete lineup of vehicle offerings in the Philippine market. It is convinced that Filipinos are growing more and more confident of the brand as they continue to see more and more Chevrolet vehicles on the road.

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