Jun 302017

El Nido in Palawan has been recommended as one of the “25 Beaches to See In Your Lifetime” by Business Insider.

El Nido, Palawan

El Nido, Palawan [by Dmitry Pichugin via Shutterstock]

The business website picked the Philippines’ beach as of one the top 25 must-see beaches worth travelling to in the world for its sand, waters, and lagoons.

Insider’s Sarah Schmalbruch recommended the world-renowned beach destination saying, “You'll be happy no matter which of El Nido's numerous beaches you visit.”

Consistently voted as Top Island and Top Most Beautiful Island Beach by various travel sites, El Nido is described by Business Insider as “synonymous with sparkling white sand and vibrant waters. Its lagoons are surrounded by towering cliffs that will impart a sense of adventure while you swim and lounge.”

El Nido is one of the top spots drawing international travelers to Palawan which is also renowned for being home to the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River, one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.


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Jun 302017
Japan Cruise Lines to boost cruise tourism in PHL

Japan Cruise Lines (JCL) has committed to send MS Pacific Venus on a regular port call to the Philippines by 2018. The anticipated visit of the Osaka-based cruise liner’s 600-capacity passenger ship carrying mostly Japanese tourists is expected to grow cruise tourism in the Philippines.  The MS Pacific Venus FB page lists the cruise ship as having 9 decks, 2 pools, casino, gymnasium, various bars, 402-seat main show lounge, 250 outside cabins with 20 having balconies, 16 inside cabins, which can carry over 600 passengers and a crew of 180. The cruise ship is mainly used for the Japanese market where businesses often charter them for incentive cruises. Their main cruise destinations are to Australia, New Zealand and throughout Southeast Asia. Department of Tourism (DOT) Secretary Wanda Tulfo-Teo said, “We are confident that with JCL resuming its operations in the Philippines, visitor arrivals from Japan will notably increase to enable this top four source market to inevitably rise from its present rank.” JCL, Japan’s leading cruise line, last made port calls in Manila, Boracay, Bohol, and the Hundred Islands in 2016, and in Puerto Princesa and Manila in 2015, according to Teo. Mr. Kenji Yoneda, JCL Senior Managing Director, made the commitment at the 2017 Philippine Business Mission (PBM): “We are happy to announce that we will be deploying the Pacific Venus to the Philippines next year. We hope to receive the usual support for the safe and enjoyable stay of our passengers.” DOT reported the latest statistics showing that Read More …

Jun 302017
Fil-Am comedian Jo Koy stars in Netflix TV special

Netflix has featured Filipino-American Jo Koy’s self-produced comedy special that is riding the boom in televised stand-up comedy. Jo Koy or Joseph Glenn Herbert’s show “Live from Seattle” episode features his brand of comedy that pokes fun at his Asian-American experiences and Filipino heritage, more notably his Filipina mother’s insistence of doing things “Pinoy” in America. The preview of his Netflix show has the Filipino comic taking potshots at US-Philippine relations saying he is half-white, half-Filipino and therefore, his father was in the military. Jo Koy goes on to say how his Filipina mother met his American father, "A lot of soldiers were fighting for this country; my dad was dating." He also affectionately recalls how his 4’10” mother used Vicks Vaporub as an all-around cure saying, “She treated us like we were still in the Philippines.” Jo Koy: Live from Seattle was filmed at the Moore Theater in the comedian’s hometown of Seattle, Washington, with all aspects running with his creative input. “I worked every hat,” he said. “It felt so good and so rewarding to be able to submit that piece of work to Netflix because it was my heart, my soul, my blood,” Jo Koy said in an NBC News report. The 45-year old comic started his career in 1989 at a Las Vegas coffeehouse and credits his mother for encouraging him to join school talent shows, hold impromptu performances, which eventually inspired his move to Los Angeles. Jo Koy has since appeared in NBC’s “The Tonight Read More …

Jun 302017
How to Know If You Have a True Friend?

Chinkee Tan Let’s say you were suddenly promoted, or you have a new gadget, or perhaps something really good happened to you. Then from out of the blue, here comes this person who is suddenly full of praises for you, “Wow, man you’re so lucky! Don’t forget to share your blessings with me, okay! After all, you and I go a long way!” Or maybe you have been in these situations: “Hi, I want to offer you these really great products. I’m sure you can afford my terms. C’mon, let’s have coffee.” “I’m so embarrassed. We haven’t seen each other in a while, but I really need some money. I don’t know who else to turn to for help.” “Wow, you’re a manager now. Imagine, you were just a rank and file officer? Maybe you can squeeze in an opening for me?” Bottom line is, you haven’t seen each other or even talked to each other in a very, very long time…hey, you’re not even sure if you ever became friends but you clearly remember when he would belittle your skills in front of others and won’t even lift a finger to help you in your times of need. This is what you call a “user friendly people”. People like them are like “mushrooms”, they sudden show up when they have something to gain from you, but when they don’t need you anymore then they quickly disappear. What are the signs that a person is a fair-weathered friend?   PRESENT Read More …

Jun 292017

THE GOVERNMENT’S momentous pivot to China has upended diplomatic arrangements in the region and raised alarms about Beijing’s possible stranglehold on the Philippine economy, but a little-examined aspect of the shift has been the desirability of the economically-vibrant Philippines as a market and an investment destination, giving Manila more leverage than many realize, analysts said.

Jun 292017
Shopify Ecommerce Developers – Oakland-California

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