Aug 282014

Events have evolved into becoming effective marketing and branding tools for companies of all sizes. From product launches to life-cycle events, companies stage events to help them communicate with customers and potential clients. As such, event professionals aim toward an efficient event management system to incorporate in their business plan.

Every event, big or small, requires a deep understanding of the science of event management. Every event manager must imbibe the discipline of planning in its core.

To achieve success in event management, an event professional must know and develop an appreciation for the key areas involved in planning a successful event. He must approach event management with critical thinking by reflecting on work experience, events he has seen, literature he has read and by challenging the accepted wisdom on event planning and management.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, the participants will be able to:

Understand the five (5) phases of event management
Learn the creative process in events (i.e. themes, design, decor)

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Know the careful organization and management of logistics, including staging and technical          

Perform event risk assessment, risk analysis, incident and crises planning and prevention strategies

Learn the Best Practice in events protocol

Develop a sound financial plan for events

Course Topics

Event Planning, Administration, and Execution

Event Design, Decor, and Protocol

Event Financing and Budgeting

Event Contracting, Organizing, and Logistics

Event Risk Analysis and Assessment

Course Administration

This course will have lectures, case studies, role playing, and audio-video presentations. At the end of every learning module, students will participate in panel discussions and take quizzes. One of the course requirements will be an event design exercise.

Who Should Attend

Event Professionals/Managers, Corporate Communication Managers, Brand Managers, PR Professionals, Trade Show/Exhibition Organizers/Managers, MICE Planners, Event Project Managers, Marketing/Advertising Managers/Professionals, HR Managers, Business Owners/Entrepreneurs, Students, and those involved in event planning/organizing/managing; or those shifting careers to event management

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