Jun 272016

Dingdong Dantes has hinted that he wants to have three more children with wife Marian Rivera.

Dantes, 35, said this in a post on his Instagram page as their family celebrated his first Father’s Day on Sunday.

Sharing a picture of their family, Dantes said he could definitely afford to have three more little ones.

Many of his fans agreed and told the actor that he and Rivera should have more babies to spread their “beautiful genes.”

In another post, Dantes shared that he is still in cloud nine after all the surprises prepared for him by Rivera and baby Zia.

“I still have a hangover from yesterday’s surprises. These two, who happen to be my employers, serve as a constant reminder that i have the best job in the world,” he wrote.

Dantes and Rivera, in their past interviews, have said that they enjoy being hands-on parents to baby Zia.

Rivera gave birth to Letizia in November 2015.(MNS)

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