Aug 302014

LAST August 28, as the feast of St. Augustine Cathedral came to an end, DFI came up with a spectacular Pyro Musical Show at Duaw Park.

Sponsored by Centrio Ayala Mall, the dancing lights flew to the sky to the beat of ‘What Makes Beautiful,’ ‘Let it Go,’ ‘Titanium,’ and ‘Starships’.

“Centrio Mall wanted the Pyro-Musical Show to be as festive as it is. So we picked these songs, popular songs that became hits in the past months blending with the colors of festivity and some fan shapes that when exploding to the sky create shapes,” said Orvi Plaza of Dragon Fireworks CDO.

Seen in different angles were lights that shaped into festival headdresses, angels, and other objects that represent the fiesta spirit.

Plaza revealed that preparing for a Pyro-Musical Show is not an easy task.

“For at least three months, we already started discussing and preparing for the show. Prior to the Pyro Musical, there’s the brainstorming for the music, the shapes, color, we make it too, because our fireworks are custom – made, then we have a trial show to test the fireworks, and all the other preparations,” he added.

Witnessed by City Mayor Oscar Moreno, some of the city officials and passersby who flocked under the Ysalina bridge upon seeing the sky lighted up with pretty lights, the shouting of the people is enough to tell that the pyro-musical show went on successfully despite the pouring rain.

‘Behind the pretty lights’

“Why paint the town red, when you can light up the sky with a rainbow of hues?” reads the slogan of Dragon Fireworks Incorporated (DFI).

Since the trade with the Chinese flourished in the country, fireworks became a big part of the Filipino culture. Fireworks symbolize happiness and celebration.

Dragon Fireworks Inc. was established in June 1992 and became the first fireworks manufacturing company licensed by the government to cater to the domestic market. For years, the company commits to safe and quality fireworks.

DFI Team, the group behind the successful Pyro-Musical Shows in Lanao themed Disneyland, OPM, and the best of Michael Jackson to name a few, Plaza divulged some information on what’s behind those pretty lights.

“Us, at Dragon Fireworks, we don’t just fire the fireworks, we always look into the art, its beauty.” He said.

According to Plaza, Professional fireworks which can only be done by certified individuals, are categorized into the regular fireworks where lights just burst in to the sky, and the pyro-musical.

“What’s different with the plain fireworks and the pyro-musical is that the

fireworks dance to the beat of the music with synchronization. If the music is slow, the fireworks will also burst and fly slowly up to the sky, or if the tempo sways, it sways as well,” Plaza added.

Plaza also revealed that DFI uses technology to operate the dancing fireworks which is their secret recipe for success for the past years.

“We use a certain technology which we keep as a secret as to why our Pyro-Musical’s are successful and the fireworks really dance to the beat. We don’t just fire

and the put background music. One can observe and see for themselves to differentiate the real Pyro-Musical and the regular one with just a background.” Plaza furthered.

Dragon Fireworks Inc. is the only homegrown Philippine fireworks brand with their own factory here at Bulacan in Luzon.

Due to hold another Pyro -Musical Show on September 1, 2014 at Kaamulan’s centennial year ender, DFI proves to be another Philippine product that promotes quality and safe fireworks through the years.

Published in the Sun.Star Cagayan de Oro newspaper on August 30, 2014.

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