Sep 102013

MANILA, Philippines – The Department of Trade of Industry (DTI) is studying the possibility of imposing a price freeze in Zamboanga City amid the ongoing standoff between government troops and members of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF).

DTI Provincial Director Rolando Acuña said the state agency has fielded a team to check on the prices of basic and prime commodities in the area.

Basic commodities include fish, rice, sugar, meat and canned goods while prime commodities include fruits, flour, toiletry and soap, among others.

Acuña said once in place, the price freeze would return the cost of basic commodities to their prices a month ago.

Acuña said most businesses in the city remained close for the second day on Tuesday after fighting broke out between soldiers and the MNLF.

He called on businessmen to not take advantage of the situation, and said he is coordinating with the city’s business group to convince establishments to open their shops.

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