Aug 182013

MANILA, Philippines – The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has provided two shared service facilities (SSF) for sugar farmers in Batangas.

In a statement, the DTI said it has given an automatic granular packaging machine worth P280,000 to Kamahari Agri-based Multi-Purpose Cooperative in Nasugbu.

“Kamahari sells muscovado sugar in 250-and, 500-gram, and one kilogram packs. With the automated packaging machine, Kamahari would be able to sell muscovado in 10-20-and 30-gram sachets to supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and resorts,” DTI said.

The Trade department added that at least five more producers of coffee, bignay tea, muscovado and other sugar products within the first district of Batangas would be able to use the packaging machine.

Apart from the packaging machine given to Kamahari, the DTI likewise provided a presser or extractor, and workbench amounting to P78,000 to Riverside Multi-Purpose Cooperative, which sells sugarcane juice in Nasugbu.

Riverside had earlier acquired a sugarcane press to use for its production, but was only able to sell juice in paper cups due to insufficient output.

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Through the new SSF, Riverside is expected to increase its output of juice contained in polyethylene bottles which could be sold to restaurants, beach resorts and supermarkets not just in Batangas, but in Metro Manila as well.

The SSF is one of the programs being implemented by the DTI to provide enterprises, particularly those in the countryside, with machinery and equipment to increase their levels of quality, productivity, and competitiveness.

The DTI has allocated P700 million for the SSF program this year.

Through the SSF, the DTI provides processing equipment housed in facilities of private sector partners.

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