Jul 262013

MANILA, Philippines – The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has spent P2.460 million for three shared service facilities (SSF) to help food processors in Sorsogon and coconut farmers in Laguna.

The DTI said in a statement yesterday that it has launched two new projects under the SSF program in Sorsogon.

These projects are the Sorsogon City Food Processing and Packaging Facility which was given to the Sorsogon State College, and the Prieto Diaz Deboned Danggit Processing Project provided to producers SEAMANCOR Eco-Developers.

Sorsogon State College and SEAMANCOR Eco-Developers oversee the operation of the facilities housed in their respective properties.

“A total of P1.5 million worth of equipment were given for free, which will benefit almost a hundred food manufacturers in the province and expected to generate 250 jobs,” the DTI said.

DTI-Bicol regional director Jocelyn Blanco said a total of P49 million has been allocated for 43 SSFs in the region this year.

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Apart from the two SSFs launched in Sorsogon, four more are to be rolled-out in the province this year, which are expected to benefit handicraft weavers as well as those engaged in the bamboo industry.

The DTI has also awarded a new SSF to the Lingap sa Nayon ng Barangay Anglas Multi-Purpose Cooperative which groups coconut farmers in the province of Laguna.

The SSF consist of a gas engine-powered decorticating machine, a baling machine, a gas engine-driven winnowing or peat screening machine, a 300-kilogram digital weigh scale, 40 sets of wooden twining machine, five units of twin twisting machine and 10 sets of loom which cost a total of P960,000.

The facility is capable of processing coconut husks into various products such as coir, peat, ropes and geo-nets to be  sold to the local market.

Earlier this month, the DTI also launched three new SSFs worth a total of P1.950 million in Mindanao, intended to support sugar planters, herbal tea producers and food processors.

The SSF program is among the DTI’s initiatives to help micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) become more competitive and improve the quality of their products.

By providing equipment to MSMEs, the DTI also aims to create more jobs and help individuals get better income.

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