Oct 142013
The EcoWaste Coalition urged candidates in the upcoming barangay elections to commit to a “zero-waste” election campaign, and asked the public not to vote for candidates who leave garbage in their wake.

In a press release, the group expressed concerns that candidates in the upcoming barangay elections might use unsafe campaign materials and neglect the clean-up after the election period.

The group’s national coordinator Aileen Lucero said that the candidates should try for a complete implementation of the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 or R.A. 9003.

R.A. 9003 states that barangays should strictly uphold the laws regarding solid waste management, including proper disposal of campaign materials after the election period.

Lucero, on behalf of the coalition, also expressed concern about the number of tarpaulins put up before the actual campaign period.

“You can spot these tarpaulins everywhere – in pedicabs and tricycles, in sari-sari stores, in public markets and in residences. We fear a repeat of the avalanche of tarpaulin waste that happened during the last national elections,” she said.

Tarps in the May 13 national and local elections, she warned, contained lead, cadmium, and heavily toxic polyvinyl chloride (PVC plastic).

The campaign period will start on Oct. 18 and end on Oct. 26, two days before election day. Rie Takumi/BM, GMA News

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