Jun 202017

Nas Daily, a daily video site by Nuseir Yassin who has become a Facebook celebrity after generating over 150 million views, has produced a $100 tourism video on the Philippines.

Nuseir Yassin

Nuseir Yassin [via Facebook]

Nas Daily’s Day 434 video “This doesn’t cost millions” shows the many tourism offerings of the Philippines and the Filipinos, was posted on Facebook on June 17 and has already raked in 412 thousand views after 2 days.

Yassin’s video actually lasts 1 minute like his other viral videos – with the feature on the Philippines running 30 seconds.

Yassir, an Israeli Arab who has declared the Philippines as his favorite country after visiting it in 2017 and posting videos about his stay, produced the tourism video on his own in New York.

In the video post Yassir, an Economics and Computer Science graduate from Harvard University, said he wanted to show how a mere $100 dollars budget can produce an effective promotional video for so much less than what governments spend usually on agency-produced videos.

Yassir captioned his Day 434 video with:

“I am always amazed by how much money is wasted in the media business. Governments spend millions of dollars to make simple videos while agencies take a huge cut of that. Why? When it's not your own money, it's so easy to spend it the wrong way. And in countries where every dollar is needed, that becomes wasteful.

So I tried to take a swing at making a tourism video for the Philippines for $100. If tourism departments are interested in exposure – and not cinematography and actors – then this should do the job.

Some of the best videos are the simplest.”

Nas Daily posts are from his documentation of the 25-countries- and-counting he has traveled to after quitting his job at Paypal and declaring he needed to build a great life.

“How Cheap is the Philippines” is the freelance video journalist’s Day 298 video which propelled him to Facebook celebrity status.


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