Feb 132013

Buying medicines from sari-sari stores and other unlicensed drug outlets may pose risks to health, the Food and Drug Administration warned.

In an advisory, the FDA also warned against self-medication, saying the public should “seek professional health care before taking any medicine.”

“The FDA cannot assure the consumers that the medicines sold from these illegal outlets were manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practice. Contaminated or adulterated medicines may result to unexpected secondary effects or side effects,” FDA acting director Kenneth Hartigan Go said.

He added improperly handled and stored medicines may become ineffective when exposed to humidity and extreme temperatures.

Worse, consumers who buy prescription drugs from sari-sari stores may suffer from adverse drug reactions and put their lives in danger, he said.

“Patients may unknowingly buy a counterfeit product containing inert ingredients or genuine medicine that are expired and have been resold by unscrupulous peddlers,” he added.

The advisory dated Jan. 25 was posted on the FDA website only on Feb. 13.

Hartigan-Go advised patients who have taken medicines bought from sari-sari stores and unlicensed drug outlets to contact the FDA Adverse Drug Reaction Unit in case they suffer from adverse reactions.

The FDA Adverse Drug Reaction Unit may be contacted at 165-332 or (02) 857-1900 local 2221.

Meanwhile, he said FDA drug inspectors will coordinate with local government units in calling the attention of sari-sari stores and other illegitimate drug outlets to refrain from selling drug products. —KG, GMA News

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