Jul 162013

MANILA, Philippines – The China Outstanding Business Leaders Forum held the 4th “Outstanding Chinese Business Leader Award” recently at the Beijing National People’s Congress (NPC) Centre, in Beijing, China.

Fifty business leaders from all over the world were screened of which 16 were chosen as awardees through an open voting system.

All 16 awardees were described as inspiring individuals who epitomize strength, ingenuity, knowledge, vision and represent the “best of the best” in China.

Dr. James G. Dy, President of Philippine Chinese Charitable Association Inc. (PCCAI), owner and operator of Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center, and chairman of the Filipino Chinese General Chamber of Commerce Inc., (FCGCCI), was chosen as the lone Filipino-Chinese awardee for this year. 

The award was presented to Dr. Dy by the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries chairman Chen Hao su, son of Marshal Chen Yi.

Dr. Dy expressed hope that the recognition will promote better friendship between the Philippines and China and foster unity for the Filipino Chinese community. 

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Dr. Dy credits the countless hardships and struggles he hurdled as a businessman as the foundation of his success. He recalled that in the past decades, since he started his exploits in the business society; his only capital was blood, sweat and tears which translated into pure hard work.

He said his motivation for success is his desire to contribute to society and the Filipino-Chinese community through social services, and the tireless promotion of economic and trade cooperation, socio-economic development, while safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of ethnic Chinese.

He said he maintains active communication with the executive and legislative branch of the government, law enforcement agencies and lobbied for constructive proposals to improve the Philippines. He credits the countless charitable and humanitarian services that the Filipino-Chinese are spearheading in the country that are shaping a positive image of ethnic Chinese. Incidentally, Dr. Dy is a Governor of the Philippine Red Cross and the Philippine Constitution Association (Philconsa).    

The China Business Leaders Forum (CBLF) is a joint initiative of the International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF) and the Renmin University of China. It focuses on promoting business practices that will ensure the sustainable social and economic development of China and the world. Currently, China Business Leaders Forum has particular focus on two areas: improving business standards and building global business leadership in China.

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