Jul 202017

Young Filipina figure skaters brought pride to the Philippines by bringing home a total of 12 gold and 6 silver medals from the 29th Annual Skate Japan 2017.

The Philippine contingent to Skate Japan 2017

The Philippine contingent to Skate Japan 2017 [by Al Marinas via Manila Bulletin]

The Philippine team medal tally:

Seven-year- old Ayasofya Vittoria Aguirre – 3 golds (artistic elements, technical elements, footwork elements), 1 silver

Seven-year- old Shaelynn Adrianne Bolos – 3 golds and 1 silver

Eight-year-old Hossana Immanuela Valdez – 3 golds

Eleven-year- old Mishka Bolos – 2 golds and 1 silver

Twelve-year- old Maegan Ramos – 1 gold and 1 silver

Thirteen-year- old Yuria Yumoto – 2 silvers

It was the first event outside the Philippines for Aguirre who was also voted “Best in Artistic Performance.”

The Philippine team at the 29th edition of Skate Japan competed against the best figure skaters from Japan, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.


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