Nov 162013
Raymond Bagatsing

Raymond Bagatsing

Raymond Bagatsing, one of the Philippines’ most celebrated super stars and a multi-award winning actor, will be the honorary guest at the OneFilAm Festival on November 16th, in Hollywood, California. He’ll receive a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’, as a highly regarded Filipino actor, for his contribution to film.

Being in the spotlight comes naturally to Mr Bagatsing, who comes from a highly influential family in the Philippines. His grandfather Raymond D. Bagatsing Sr. was the longest standing Mayor of Manila for 17 years. The Bagatsing family has staying power, and Raymond is just getting started, as far as he’s concerned. He began the rise to stardom over 20 years ago, and since then has received much acclaim and many awards. Some notable are: the ‘Gawad Urian Award’ for ‘Best Actor’, which is the critics choice award by Academic Professors (for two years in a row), also the Famas Award by the Academy of the Philippines for ‘Best Supporting Actor’, as well as the FAPP-Film Academy of the Philippines Award, where he won ‘Best Actor’.

Raymond has gone on to win the GMA 7 award for ‘Best Supporting Actor’ in television, and at the prestigious forum, the ‘Asian Television Awards’, he came out the winner yet again, with the ‘Best Actor in Television’ award. Raymond has also received the Academic Choice award called ‘Pasado’ for the ‘Best Supporting Actor’.

On Saturday, Mr Bagatsing is up for the ‘Best Actor’ Award, along with his co-star Radhaa Nilia, who is also up for ‘Best Actress’, in the short Film ‘Freight Train’.  The film is directed by Filipino-American director Zen Freese, who is a top commercial director in Portland, Oregon.

Raymond Bagatsing has most recently starred in ‘Sabel’, which is an ABS CBN show, as well as in the hit series ‘Amaya’, which has become a pop culture hit. He plays the role of King ‘Datu Bugna’. He’s most recently worked on three different hit TV shows, One True Love, Temptation’s of Wife, and Basang Sisiw.

In addition to his very busy acting schedule, Raymond Bagatsing has an acting school in the Philippines, the ‘Raymond Bagatsing’s Training Center for Dramatic Arts’, where he enjoys sharing his vast knowledge and wisdom with aspiring students.

Raymond Bagatsing has had an epic career as a Filipino-American Actor, and we thank and honor him for showing his support for the victims of the Typoon in the Philippines.

Raymond’s co-star Radhaa Nilia, also a Filipina-American multi-media actress and award winning director, is co-hosting the OneFilAm Fundraising Concert and will lead the opening ceremonies at 9:00AM along with Miss Universe Philippine 2012 at Barnsdall Park at 4800 Hollywood Blvd.

Please come and help and donate canned foods, and blankets to the many thousands ravaged by Typhoon Haiyan in The Philippines and enjoy the fun day and film screenings. Salamat Po!



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