Mar 122013

MANILA, Philippines – President Aquino made a pitch for Filipino workers before potential investors yesterday, saying their creativity, dedication and loyalty are worth investing in.

In a speech to keynote the Philippine Investment Forum 2013 at the Manila Peninsula in Makati City, the President cited the success of the business process outsourcing industry in which Filipinos have excelled and brought the country “to great heights in such a short time.”

 “Given the opportunity, they will do the same for you, whatever industry you may be involved in,” Aquino said.

Aquino said the intrinsic characteristics of Filipino workers are what investors want from their work force.

The President also called on investors to partner with the government in expanding their businesses in the country. He said the country is in a better position to offer more and meet their needs. 

He said potential investors could invest in agriculture, the source of income for some 12.1-million Filipinos; tourism, with the target 56-million tourist arrivals by 2016; and infrastructure, which is seen to support agriculture and tourism through the development of road networks, ports, and airports.

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“Whether in these three sectors or in others…we know that, here, hard work, innovation, and creativity are rewarded with success,” he said.

The President said new investments would create thousands of jobs that will put food on the tables, send children to school and meet family expenses.

“Together, we will be empowering them; giving them greater power to contribute to economic growth and opportunities to uplift their lives and even the lives of their fellow Filipinos,” Aquino said.  

 The President also noted since he assumed office, he has been devoted to weeding out graft and corruption to level the playing field and “ensure that integrity, transparency, and accountability characterize our actions.”

He cited efforts to reform the judiciary, streamline the process of setting up business in the country and ensure the strict implementation of bidding and procurement laws.

“We are also investing heavily in our countrymen – empowering them to take stock of their lives and to realize their potential,” Aquino said.

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