Mar 232015
Unlike last Christmas when he asked for temporary liberty, detained Sen. Jinggoy Estrada has no plans to seek a furlough for Holy Week, saying on Monday that his detention already feels like the yearly penitence required of Catholics.

“Araw-araw Holy Week sa amin, penitensya doon sa loob eh, sa init, nakakulong, mahigpit. Araw-araw penitensya kami doon,” Estrada said when asked about his Holy Week plans.

Estrada is currently detained at Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig City after being charged with graft and plunder. The senator is accused of siphoning off millions from his discretionary pork barrel funds into bogus NGOs owned by businesswoman and alleged pork scam mastermind Janet Lim Napoles.

Estrada has denied all allegations.

Monday also marked the ninth month of Estrada’s bail hearing, which began late July in 2014. The senator decried the slow pace of the proceedings, blaming the prosecution panel for the delays.

“They always come to court unprepared. Wala sa amin ang delay, nasa kanila. We surmise that they will really drag this bail hearing for me to be detained longer,” Estrada said, adding that the prosecution is covering up for a lack of evidence.

“I think it’s intentional because they really have no evidence against me,” Estrada said.

Plunder is a non-bailable offense when evidence of guilt is strong, which Estrada earlier claimed the prosecution has failed to prove. — BM, GMA News

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