Nov 012013

Saturday, November 16. Opening ceremonies at 9:00 am, Forgotten Soldiers at 10:00 am, Barnsdall Gallery Theater, 4800 Hollywood Blvd.

Forgotten SoldiersSacrifice, courage and betrayal. At the beginning of World War II, General Douglas MacArthur’s 80,000 Filipino and American troops on Bataan faced one of the worst atrocities in military history–the Bataan Death March. In this stirring documentary movie, Lou Diamond Phillips narrates as ten survivors describe the battles of Bataan, Corregidor, the Death March itself, and ultimate victory over the enemy; over photographs, reenactments and actual footage of the battles. The 12,000 Filipino soldiers of the Philippine Scouts were the backbone of General MacArthur’s doomed forces, but few Americans today are even aware of this unique segment of the United States Army. They are America’s


The OneFilAm Film Festival showcases Filipino American values, culture and tradition through the best current independent films produced, directed or starred in by Filipino Americans. Film lovers will have a unique opportunity to view four movies which have won acclaim and have been lauded as fine examples of the Filipino American spirit and identity. In addition to the showcase films, the Barnsdall public park will be filled with booths presenting the best food and cuisine, art and photo exhibits, and a myriad of products and services presented by the FilAm community’s premiere organizations and business entities. For additional information call 818-584-6588.

Come see Forgotten Soldiers at the OneFilAm Film Festival, Saturday, November 16!


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