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Girls Got Game

Girls Got Game [via Facebook]

A roving summer sports camp designed for underprivileged girls in the Philippines is being offered by former athletes to give mind and body training to pre-teen girls as a way to help them rise out of their current economic difficulties.

The Girls Got Game (GGG) PH camp runs for four consecutive days and is conducted in poor neighbourhoods around the country.

GGG PH offers training in the team sports of basketball, football/soccer, and volleyball.

The camp program consists of physical training with skills and drills, followed by friendly matches.

Mental and emotional training are also part of the camp activities where female role models share stories with the campers.

GGG PH envisions the life lessons through sports will empower the young Filipinas to reach for goals beyond their current dire economic situations.

The GGG PH website explains how the camp can help girls, “We run our camp following the GGG Way, our philosophy of putting the girl at the center of everything we do. All decisions are made with her best interest in mind, and this includes (1) making sure she is surrounded by credible and inspiring role models, (2) we are developing her holistically in mind, body, and spirit, (3) she feels safe and comfortable enough to learn and make mistakes, and that at the end of the day, (4) she has a rockin’ good time playing sports.”

The non-profit organization is led by managing directors Krizanne Ty and Nikka Arcilla, together with logistics managers, athlete managers, coaches managers, and creatives managers.

GGG PH is currently preparing for the May 2015 sports camps and is soliciting well-equipped venues with adequate facilities.

They are also looking out for more volunteer coaches and other sports program experts to join the sports and counselling program through the GGG PH website.

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