Oct 292013

Government hospitals will go on Code White alert on Friday, All Saints’ Day, for possible emergencies, the Department of Health said Tuesday.

The DOH-Health Emergency Management Staff (HEMS) will be monitoring the situation 24 hours to respond to various health emergencies that may need immediate medical attention,” Ona said.

While on Code White alert, all hospital personnel are expected to be ready to respond to emergency situations.

He added emergency service personnel, nurses, and administrative staff at hospital dormitories will also be placed on-call status for immediate mobilization.

Ona also said the DOH will coordinate with local governments, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority, and the Bureau of Fire Protection, which will also deploy medical teams near cemeteries.

Although hospitals will be on alert during the Undas weekend, Ona warned the public against buying food peddled in cemeteries to avoid the risk of food poisoning and diarrhea.

He said food to be wary of include pancit, spaghetti, green mangoes, cassava, fruit juices, chicken gizzards, corn, and eggs.

Ona said people planning to spend the whole day at the cemetery should instead bring their own food and water and avoid food that spoils easily.

Aside from avoiding food from vendors, people should also refrain from bringing babies and small children to the cemetery because they are more prone to catching diseases and infections, he said.

Ona also urged bus operators and transportation companies to deploy more buses to bring people to provinces.

He said unplanned trips and overcrowding of passengers in public conveyances, or even privately-owned vehicles, are common causes of accidents. — JDS, GMA News

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