Nov 182017

Franco Hernandez (MNS photo)

Franco Hernandez, 26, a member of the “It’s Showtime” boy group Hashtags, was declared dead after drowning in Davao Occidental on Saturday.

Following confirmation of the sad news, his fans and other celebrities expressed shock over the loss of the young dancing heartthrob, who just joined the group this February.

Among those who were quick to react was “It’s Showtime” host Vice Ganda, who posted a photo on Instagram indicating that he was heartbroken over the death.

Vice Ganda acknowledges the death of Franco Hernandez via a post on Instagram Live.

Gretchen Ho expressed her grief by sharing a short clip of Hernandez sending her a greeting. She wrote: “My fangirl video.”

Kim Chiu was similarly stunned and said: “I’m not close to him but he is one of the nicest. Prayers for Franco and his family.”

Hernandez joined the group this February, and was introduced as the “Hataw Heartthrob” among the new members.

He told the show: “We promise to do our best because this kind of opportunity na magpasaya ng madlang people and maging parte masayang pamilya, minsan lang ito mangyari.”

He describes himself as “fun-loving and adaptable” on his profile. (MNS)

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