Oct 132013

MANILA, Philippines – German manufacturing giant Henkel is transferring two revolutionary technologies to its local partner, the Monheim Group of Companies (MGC), for the marketing and distribution of laundry products in the Philippines. 

Henkel is sharing to MGC the fiber rebonding technology, which is the formula behind Perwoll liquid detergent, and the fabric ionizer formula, which is the technology behind Vernel Soft – fabric softener. 

MGC president Gino Baltao said “German technologies are among the best in the world. We are proud to bring these technologies to the Filipinos through Perwoll Brilliant White and Vernel Soft.”  

Baltao said with the Henkel technologies, MGC would proceed with its P300-million investment to grow Henkel’s laundry and home care business in the Philippines. 

The investment will be pumped into the technology transfer, research and product development, raw materials importation and brand building. 

“The Monheim Group is committed to delivering the cutting-edge German quality fabric softeners and laundry detergents with a strong advocacy to protect our environment.  The technology transfer between Henkel Germany and the Monheim Group assures the Filipinos of that commitment,” Benjie Ros, MGC treasurer said. 

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The technology transfer marks the fusion of a global company and a Filipino-owned firm to pursue business expansion.

 “We need local expertise and we think we can grow much faster with Monheim as our partner. We can take advantage of so many synergies,” Thomas Jungmann, director for global business development of Henkel’s Laundry & Home Care, said. 

“We have developed over the past 10 years a good relationship with Monheim. It has proved to be an excellent partner and capable to handle the business, and based on this expertise, we trust they will also be able to build the business for the future, “Jungmann said. 

The fiber rebonding technology renews and protects all sorts of white fabrics, making clothes look like new. It ensures optimum white reflection towards all white fabrics, even old, dull, synthetic, natural fibers.  Its fine-pored foam protects clothes against mechanical forces. 

Meanwhile, fabric ionizer formula is an advanced formula that uses the bonding of negatively charged fabrics, and positively charged Softening ions to soften, clean, and make ironing clothes easy. 

Through this formula, Vernel Soft’s formula reverses the polarity of the hard substances in the fabric which therefore repels these rough particles from it which gives the fabric softer properties.  

Both Perwoll liquid detergent and Vernel Soft – fabric softener are specifically formulated to be safe for the environment. The ingredients used in Perwoll and Vernel are aligned with the European detergent regulation, which requires that used ingredients are biodegradable and therefore friendly to the environment. 

Henkel is a German company which has interests in home care, personal care and adhesives, sealants and surface treatment. 

Monheim is a pillar of the country’s marketing and distribution sector reaching out to thousands of trade channels and carrying products from SCJohnson, Unilab, Globe, Red Bull, Minola, Pocari Sweat, Kraft, Wrigley and SCA.

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