Apr 182013

MANILA, Philippines – A substantial number of collection cases filed in the office of the prosecutor or court using BP 22 and /or estafa are dismissed due to legal technicalities. You should never be a victim of bouncing checks again if you know the right way to prevent it, prosecute offenders, and collect debts effectively. Many lawyers fail to defend their clients on this effectively because they only learn this subject matter as a two to three hour lecture in law school.

To arm yourselves with the full knowledge of the law against bouncing checks, the Center for Global Best Practices is launching a one-day pioneering seminar entitled, “How to Prevent, Prosecute and Collect Bouncing Checks: Best Practices Guide on the Use of BP 22 and Estafa and Other Effective Collection Methods” on May 8 at The Peninsula Manila, Makati City, Philippines.

In this one-day comprehensive seminar, commercial and criminal law experts will teach you all the relevant regulations governing bouncing checks, how to file a court case properly against the offenders, surefire ways to secure criminal conviction, as well as how to enforce court decisions and recover your money with the right out-of the-box collection strategies.

For details call Manila lines: (+632) 556-8968 or 69; telefax (+632) 842-7148 or 59; Cebu lines: (+632-512-3106 or 07; Baguio: (+632) 423-5148. You may also check details and all other upcoming best practices seminars at www.cgbp.org.

This special seminar will feature lawyer Marlo B. Campanilla who has authored six criminal law books and is presently the presiding judge of Metropolitan Trial Court, Branch 83 in Caloocan City. He is also a bar review lecturer in six law centers including the University of the Philippines.

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