Sep 122014

MANILA, Philippines – Indonesian palm oil producer PT Musim Mas plans to expand its operations by  entering the Philippine market.

Togar Sitanggang, senior manager for corporate affairs of PT Musim Mas, told reporters yesterday the firm is interested in opening a palm oil plantation in Mindanao.

A team from the company would visit Mindanao sometime this year to look at potential sites.

The company is interested in some 900,000 hectares of land for possible palm oil production in Mindanao.

“We are in the very early stage. Whether we will invest or not, we still don’t know yet,” Sitanggang said.

Depending on the land available to the firm, he said the company may also invest in a refinery.

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Before deciding on making an investment in the Philippines, he said the company would need to find a local partner.

In deciding on investments, he said the company needs to ensure that the place offers an environment that supports business.

At the same time, the land to be used for production should not be subject to any dispute and there should be no security issues.

“By next year, we may know what we will do,” he said.

PT Musim Mas is Indonesia’s second largest palm oil producer.

Apart from Indonesia, the firm currently has operations in Malaysia, India, China and some countries in Europe.

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