Jun 202013

MANILA, Philippines –  Truck maker Isuzu Philippines Corp. introduced yesterday two new truck models which are expected to boost the company’s leadership in this particular segment.

At yesterday’s launch, the company introduced the FVM and the FRR truck medium-duty trucks.

The Forward FRR is powered by a 5.2-liter diesel engine with a six speed transmission. It has a gross vehicle weight of 10,600 kilograms (KG) and a payload capacity of 7,450 KG. The unit is priced at P1.9 million.

A much larger unit, the Forward FVM, is powered by a 7.8-liter diesel engine with a  six speed transmission. The FVM has a gross vehicle weight of 25,000 KG and a payload capacity of 18, 380 KG. The unit is priced at P3.1 million.

Isuzu Philippines Corp. president Nobuo Izumina said that because of the downtime experienced by customers in between buying and conditioning of second hand trucks, many buyers are prefering to purchase brand new units. “The customers are now considering the downtime as well as other problems, now the customers are changing their minds,” Izumina said.

For this year, the company aims to sell 13,000 units which include heavy trucks, pick up trucks and sport utility vehicles (SUVs). Of this figure, the company expects to sell 2,500 trucks.

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