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Janice de Belen echoes Priscilla Mierelles’ statement that they shouldn’t be “best friends.”- Photo by Jonathan Velasco, reposted in Janice de Belen’s Instagram account 

MANILA, Philippines — Janice de Belen agrees with Priscilla Mierelles that they don’t have to be friends.

Priscilla is the wife of Janice’s ex-husband and actor John Estrada. Janice and John were married in 1992, separated in 2001, and their marriage was annulled in 2004.

“Medyo weird [kung] ako ang maging best friend ng ex [ni John]. I don’t aspire to be her friend or best friend. Baka may situation na may comment na hindi ko gusto e. I respect her as my husband’s ex-wife and the mom of his kids,” the second wife said, as cited by Yahoo! OMG.

In an interview with Umagang Kay Ganda on Friday, Janice agreed with Priscilla’s statement on their relationship.

“Hindi naman siguro requirement na maging mag-best friends kami, ‘di ba? As log as we are civil at maayos kaming dalawa, walang problema ‘yon,” Janice said.

The Kapamilya actress, meanwhile, gives full support to her eldest daughter Inah but refuses to manage her as she enters the world of show business under Star Magic. She stars in the Wansapanatym episode “Witch-A-Makulit.”

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“Kapag ‘yong parent ang nagma-manage doon sa anak niya, masyadong maraming conflict ‘yan, e,” she replied when asked why she didn’t manage the career of her daughter.

Janice said she instead coaches her daughter on the significance of finding her own identity and trying to do well in her career to make her own mark in the industry despite having popular parents.

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