Feb 282016
Joey Albert (MNS photo)

Joey Albert (MNS photo)

Joey Albert is back home “more victorious” than the last time she was here.

In an interview, the Canada-based singer said she has survived cancer a third time. Last year, during her Valentine’s Day concert with The Company, Joey kept her health condition under wraps as she wanted people to “come and watch the show not because I’m sick.”

“(But) my manager knew, The CompanY knew (about it), and they were just extremely supportive,” she said. “They made everything easy for me. It was a meaningful performance.”

Joey was first diagnosed with cervical cancer in 1995. After a successful operation, the cancer returned in 2003, this time affecting her colon. Despite having it removed through another operation, the cancer recurred last year.

Joey said that more than the cancer itself, the real struggle for her was overcoming depression.

“Akala nila, ‘Kayang-kaya naman ni Joey ’yan,’ but they don’t really see what’s inside, ’yung ’pag mag-isa ka na lang,” she said. “There are friends – they come once in a while – but in the quiet of your own room, this is when the battle really begins.”

But giving up is not in her vocabulary and she remained positive throughout the ordeal.

“It’s how you keep your head above the water, it’s how you carry yourself,” she said. “It’s how you use a lemon and turn into lemon juice.”

Did she ever ask God, ‘Why me?’

“No. You will just end up disappointing yourself when you ask why this is happening to you cause you never know why.”

Joey has learned that “acceptance” and submission to God’s will work wonders.

“You humble yourself. You let God take over because that’s the only way because you can’t do it alone,” she added.

If anything, Joey attested the battle has taught her to appreciate life even more.

“You find out in the end that there’s so much to be thankful for than not. I’m thankful I don’t have a colostomy back, I’m thankful I’m even still alive, I’m thankful that I know who my friends are,” she said.

In gratitude, Joey now serves as a “wounded giver;” someone who grants prayer intentions for fans who are likewise battling their own private wars.

“There is nothing more beautiful than to be a wounded giver or healer because I think that’s when you feel that what you’re giving means something to other people.”

The cancer may come back but Joey believes she knows how to fight it even better.

“(I am) victorious but still cautious.” (MNS)

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