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The rock band will hold its ‘lucky’ 13th anniversary concert on July 19, 8 p.m., at the Music Museum

MANILA, Philippines – How in the world that bandmates so close to each other break up with much animosity? 

That puzzle had been dealt with quite accordingly by members of mainstream rock band Sponge Cola who have stayed together in the music business for 13 long years. It meant that the band members’ friendship, if compared with a recipe, had just enough flavor for them to crave for it every once in a while. 

“We are friends in an exact way. But we’re not close enough to share underwear,” quipped frontman Yael Yuzon in a chat with the press to promote the band’s upcoming “lucky” 13th anniversary concert. 

The group appeared upbeat about its first major concert billed Maximum Capacity, scheduled on July 19, 8 p.m. at the Music Museum in San Juan. 

Amusingly, the four-piece band somehow miscalculated the length of its run in the local gig scene, which partly explained why it’s not the more conventional 10th- or 15th-year commemoration. The members may had been too busy keeping their friendship intact and in such a way effective to them. 

Yael, who made it through in the company of bassist Gosh Dilay and guitarist Armo Armovit, and then much later, drummer Ted Mark Cruz, reiterated, “We’re friends in just the right way.” 

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That also sounded synonymous to saying it is both professional and brotherly with neither served raw or overcooked. 

True enough, some bands with members treating themselves as brothers when in fact they’re not eventually turned into bitter enemies since too much had been shared and said along the way and they’re not blood-related to keep the water from boiling at some point.

Sponge Cola’s careful and carefree approach to friendship could be a blueprint for new bandmates trying to cook up something to last even for the rainy days. Besides, it helped them gain more respect from fans who are basically interested in the songs they create. 

Yael acknowledged the overwhelming support and noted, “Maximum Capacity is also our way of giving thanks to everyone who generously supported us through our music.” 

The group, with already a diamond record award to showcase, is promoting  its EP District released by Universal Records. Sponge Cola promised to sing its biggest hits come concert night which will feature Zia Quizon and Gary Valenciano, among other surprise guests. 

Asked to name that one song that best embodies Sponge Cola, the singer-songwriter picked its hit Tuliro which he qualified as “playful but with weight.” It’s a phrase attributed again to the bond that kept Sponge Cola going.

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