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MyrnaLBC’s new rebranding program was unveiled at a recent press conference called “Moving LBC Forward” held at Lem Balagot’s LA Rose Cafe in Los Angeles. Most of their corporate staff based in Northern California headed by Patricia Garcia, who manages all of their North America Region.

In her presentation, Ms. Garcia said that the new rebranding program of LBC goes “beyond moving boxes or transmitting money; it focuses on moving lives, warehousing and distribution globally.” Further, she said that “with every balikbayan box, or every shipment of goods are timeless memories of loved ones sending them, along with countless relief packages they have moved during the recent devastating Typhoon Yolanda back home.”

On LBC’s “Moving Forward” brochure, President Dino Araneta’s message “defined what LBC stands for as a group of people and as a brand.”  In their “new brand promise to unite a common vision,” Mr. Araneta stressed the “three(3) key values that are fundamental to their customers which become the building blocks in their brand promise.”

These are their 3 C’s: Certainty, Clarity and Convenience.

Certainty, because LBC gives customer confidence;

Clarity, because LBC believes in providing transparent and timely information to their customers;

Convenience, because LBC promises to move money, packages and goods globally.

Ms. Patricia Garcia, Regional Brand Head, North America during the brand unveiling at LA Rose Cafe.

Ms. Patricia Garcia, Regional Brand Head, North America during the brand unveiling at LA Rose Cafe.

In a timely television interview of Dino Araneta which I have also watched recently, he recalled that LBC Express was started by his Dad 63 years ago and so when LBC celebrated their 60th Anniversary three years ago, they decided to “move forward” which also included the LBC Foundation.

Further,Mr. Araneta said that as the current President of LBC, he was thankful that their Foundation was able to play a key part during Typhoon Yolanda’s devastation where they were able to help move 300 containers of relief goods that were more than just “padala.”

Dino Araneta also mentioned their LBC Cycling program in the Philippines which they started four years ago. This has evolved into an exciting and popular sporting event back home.

Finally, the new LBC logo design’s symbol is called “Our Helpful World” and it is  “shaped as a curve on each side depicting the friendly LBC smile where all the three curves merge to form a global forward-moving shape. The custom-designed logo typeface symbolizes friendliness, which reflects LBC’s promise to continue being the friend that people trust to move the things that matter to them.”

In closing his message, Dino Araneta encourages all their customers to “experience the visibility of their service and accomplishment of their brand promise in order to shape a bright future together.”

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