Mar 162015

MANILA, Philippines – Seven short films take the spotlight as the Colegio de San Juan San Juan de Letran-Manila stages this year’s CinemaKnights.

Now on its 15th year, CinemaKnights, formerly known as PelikuLetran, is an annual film festival that showcases the filmmaking prowess of senior Communication students of Letran.

The Colegio has been consistently bagging recognition and merits from several award-giving bodies inside and outside of the country. Rainbow X, an official entry for CinemaKnights 2014, recently received the highest award of excellence for this year’s Philippine Student Quill Awards.

CinemaKnights’ lineup this year consists of seven short films, all of which tackles about societal issues concerning Pinoy values, traditions and culture.

One of the films to be exhibited is Selda, written and directed by Alyssa Delfin. Sandbox Films, the people behind the film, was also the team that produced Ms. Edited, a dark comedy short film that bagged several awards, including Best Film Poster, Best Original Soundtrack, Best Supporting Actress (Michelle Ababao), and 4th Best Short Film in the CineMapua Intercollegiate Film Festival held last February 4.

Selda is a story about two persons from different backgrounds who recount the biting realities of their lives while serving time inside two separate prison cells. It tackles the poor justice system in the Philippines, aiming to empower the Filipino people to close the gap that they created between the rich and the poor.

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The film stars two of the most sought-after artists in the independent film industry. Mercedes Cabral took the role of Julie Sigesmundo, a mother who stole money in hopes to provide medication for her sick child. Cabral starred in several award-winning local films like Serbis and Thy Womb and recent international films, including the Danish movie Rosita and Playtime. Mike Liwag, on the other hand, played the role of Paolo Quijano, a loving son who forcefully shot a young man dead. Liwag acted in several student short films and played the role of Marcelo H. Del Pilar in GMA’s Ilustrado.

Regular screening will run from March 16-20 at the various halls in the Colegio. Other films included in the line-up are Balota Nga, Last Two Minutes, Message Sent, Sabado, Lost Plate and The Cramming.

Tickets will be sold at Php 25 each. Screening schedules of each film can be found at the official fan page of CinemaKnights.

For ticket reservations and inquiries, you can contact Inah Espinola at 09276891418.

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