Jul 292014
Jasmine Curtis-Smith (MNS Photo)

Jasmine Curtis-Smith (MNS Photo)

Jasmine Curtis-Smith was proud to share that she is now living a “domesticated life” months after she moved out of the house of her sister, actress Anne Curtis.

Curtis-Smith said this is her way of learning new things on her own, adding that it is high time that she matures and grows up.

“Of course you want to grow up, you want to mature, you want to learn how it is to live on your own and be a real woman. You have to really put yourself out there and be adventurous in terms of living on your own and really finding out what it’s like to be a mature woman,” she said.

While she is only 20 years old, Curtis-Smith said: “Of course I’m still young but at the same time, it’s nice to know that I can hold all these responsibilities on my own.”

Months back, Curtis-Smith said she now lives in her own condominium unit and her sister has been supportive of her decision.

Asked if she also prepares her own food, the actress said: “I cook like chicken nuggets, not yet real meals (laughs). I have someone to cook for me. Someone helps me cook at home. Hindi pa ako ready ng totoong meals na ang daming ingredients. Mga simple pa lang.”

Curtis-Smith said she is grateful that someone is helping her at home, and that the hardest thing she has to do is to take care of her dog.

“Thankfully, I have someone with me at home. Although it’s a not so domesticated life as it may seem, I have someone to give a helping hand,” she said. “I have a dog now so it’s like taking care of another person which poops and pees everywhere. For now, that’s the hardest part for me. Swerte ko na yun na ang pinakamahirap sa akin.”

Nonetheless, Curtis-Smith said she wants to be more independent eventually just like how her big sister is. (MNS)

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