Jun 242017

Liza Soberano (MNS photo)

Liza Soberano won’t back down even if she would be required to wear a sexy superhero outfit as Darna in its upcoming film adaptation.

Soberano’s only condition is for the management to give her ample time to prepare herself to show some skin.

“Whatever is approved by the management, ‘yun po ang isusuot ko. But if I were to choose, anything naman actually as long as I am prepared for it,” she said.

Asked if she’s willing to don a two-piece, the 19-year-old actress said: “Okay lang po basta prepared po ako. Hindi ‘yung bibiglain ako na ‘O suotin mo ito.’”

In a separate interview, Rex Ravelo, the son of the late Darna creator Mars Ravelo, said people should expect Soberano to be slightly covered up as she flies as the Filipino superhero.

“More covered compared to the ones before. Mas sexy ngayon ‘yung medyo tago eh,” said Ravelo.

Darna’s outfit has evolved through the years, with trends dictating her overall look.

The superhero wore boy shorts in the ‘50s and ‘60s, high cuts in the ‘70s and ‘80s, tanga bottoms in the ‘90s, and hipster bottoms since the 2000s.

Despite the minor changes, three elements are always found in Darna’s costume: the winged headpiece, which symbolizes Ravelo’s dream of becoming a pilot; the two stars on the bra top to depict the Philippine flag; and the bahag (loincloth), which shows her conservative side.

Meanwhile, Soberano is still clueless on who her co-stars will be in the movie.

“I actually don’t have any idea on who will be with me on the movie so far. I can’t think of anyone actually at the top of my mind to play Valentina because I don’t know who could possibly do it,” she said.

When the idea was floated that Anne Curtis could be a perfect fit for the role, Soberano only has this to say: “Oh love ate Anne! I would love to work with ate Anne but, of course, it all depends on what they want, who they want to portray as Valentina.”

While she looks forward to playing the iconic superheroine, Soberano acknowledged that finding the right timing in doing the stunts would be challenging for her.

“You have to look strong but not too strong because you don’t want to hurt the person you’re doing the scene with. You have to make it look believable because I’m not actually going to hurt ‘yung ka-stunt ko,” she explained.

Nonetheless, Soberano will undergo a rigorous training to prepare for Darna.

“Nakipag-meeting na po ako [kay direk Erik Matti]. They had me do a physical test in front of them siyempre para makita kung gaano rin po ako kalakas. Based on what I did in front of them, nakita po nila kung ano ang mga kailangan ko. Right now, I am working out with sir Bok Santos at the gym. Nagpapalakas po ako para sa mga stunts. I also do cardio. I run every Sunday,” she said.

Although there are mixed opinions about her playing Darna, Soberano is out to prove that she is indeed the rightful one. (MNS

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