Nov 102013
Officers of the Philippines’ major telecommunications firm on Sunday said restoration of their mobile services is “problematic” in Tacloban City in Leyte, where some 10,000 people are feared dead due to Yolanda (Haiyan).

Smart Communications’ Ramon Isberto said they could not restore mobile service in all areas yet, due to a lack of electricity.

Altough 85 percent of Smart’s service in Central Visayas is functional, he said restoring services in Eastern Visayas remains problematic, and that their service in Tacloban is expected to be restored in one to two days.

Meanwhile, in an interview on dzBB, Globe’s Corporate Communications Head Yolly Crisanto said Tacoban City is still an area of concern.

Super Typhoon Yolanda cut mobile phone services early last Friday, with power outages affecting 67 Globe cell sites in Samar and Leyte, even as Smart’s service in Leyte was degraded.

Smart Communications shipped personnel and equipment to Tacloban City using a C130 military aircraft, Isberto told GMA News Online in a text message.

Isberto also said they could not restore mobile service in all areas yet, due to a lack of electricity.

On the other hand, Globe said their communication services in Iloilo and Roxas City have been restored, while service in other areas will be restored in two days.

It said telco equipment was shipped to Tacloban on Sunday morning through a Philippine Navy ship.

In a message on Facebook, Globe said 20 percent  of all 2G and 3G sites affected in the Visayas region and 30 percent of affected sites in southern Luzon and Mindanao have been restored.

Restoration of mobile services is paramount for those with relatives within the affected area.
Aiding in efforts to solve this problem is Google Person Finder, an online database for concerned persons to look for or report on missing persons from areas stricken by Yolanda.

Both Smart and Globe posted a list of areas without mobile service last Saturday:

Globe Telecom.

Eastern Samar

Smart Communications

Eastern Samar
Surigao del Norte

Rie Takumi /LBG, GMA News

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