Sep 182017

The iconic Pinoy dirty ice cream is now being enjoyed by Londoners with the establishment of Mamasons in Camden Town.

About Time Magazine recommended the Mamasons Filipino Street Ice Cream and Coffee House in its list of “10 Things You Need to Eat in London This Week.”

Writer Alicia Grimshaw highlighted the Pinoy dessert in the article introduction for the first Filipino ice cream parlor in London which is listed in 10th place.

Grimshaw named the new North London spot of Mamasons which was opened in June in Camden Town by Omar Shah of Camden’s Bintang Restaurant.

“Dirty ice cream is an endearing nickname used to describe ice cream sold on the Filipino streets by family run street vendors. They produce affordable and natural ice cream by using an age-old churning method of ice and salt, a steel pot and a whole lot of elbow grease,” wrote Grimshaw.

About Time praised Mamasons signature flavor – the Ube (local purple yam) – “Its natural vibrant colour and unique earthy taste combined with a rich and creamy underlying sweetness is something Filipinos cannot get enough of.”

The Mamasons bun – a Filipino baked pandesal (a traditional milk bun) filled with cool ice cream then sealed and toasted instantly became a summer hit. “With every bite you’ll get an explosion of hot, cold, sweet and creamy blended flavours.”

Mamasons is a small batch producer specializing in flavors indigenous to the Philippines and its surrounding islands. Mamasons, using its team of authentic in-house flavor innovators has developed, a creatively high standard of inspiring unique flavors such as; ube (the new matcha), pandan (the asian vanilla), calamansi (filipino yuzu) to name just a few of the exotic offerings.

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