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Manila has been ranked as the second best city in the world to have coffee in a list released by independent travel website Matador.

The country’s major city made it to the Matador “11 of the world’s best cities for coffee lovers” list this January by travel journalist Elyssa Goldberg.

The article cited the growth of the “Third wave coffee” movement in the city.

The third wave of coffee refers to the production of high-quality coffee where coffee is treated like artisanal foodstuff instead of a commonplace commodity.

Third-wave coffee shop Duck and Buvette at the Shangri-La Plaza mall in Mandaluyong was noted for serving “V60 pour-overs of Intelligentsia beans alongside fully-composed dishes like duck confit and candied bacon.”

Refinery in Makati was credited for “…adding flavored coffee drinks – an orange-infused cappuccino, for instance – to its roster, on top of more traditional espresso drinks.”

Also mentioned were Toby’s Estate, Craft Coffee Revolution, and Yardstick as among the leaders of the latte art rosettes and cafe culture.

The city of Sacramento in California was ranked first for its locally owned coffee shops. The city has one of the highest numbers of independent coffee shops per capita among all United States cities.

The 11 of the world’s best cities for coffee lovers:

  1. Sacramento
  2. Manila
  3. Vancouver
  4. Dublin
  5. Taipei
  6. Oslo
  7. Denver
  8. Paris
  9. Moscow
  10. Bangkok
  11. Auckland

Founded in 2006, Matador refers to itself as a global community of travel journalists, filmmakers, athletes, photographers, and writers producing original stories and videos on people, place, music, sports, and culture worldwide.

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