Oct 042013
Matteo Guidicelli (MNS Photo)

Matteo Guidicelli (MNS Photo)

MANILA  (Mabuhay) — Matteo Guidicelli tried but failed to dodge questions about rumored sweetheart Sarah Geronimo as he appealed to be given space to speak on their ties “at the right time.”

The 24-year-old actor was cornered by reporters shortly after the Cosmo Bachelor Bash at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. With questions thrown left and right, Guidicelli only offered a smile when Geronimo’s name was first brought up.

One reporter teased Guidicelli on whether Geronimo has seen his improved physique, to which the actor answered, laughing, “Hindi pa, ano ba!”

He also responded similarly when asked if he has been spending time with the 25-year-old singer. “Hindi, hindi, wala, wala,” he said.

Guidicelli attempted to change the subject when quizzed on how he would define his relationship status with Geronimo, saying, “Mamaya na, pag-usapan natin ‘yan sa ibang panahon, nasa Cosmo tayo!”

Another reporter told the actor that he supposedly has the approval of the actress’ mother, more commonly known as “Mommy Divine.” “Ay, hindi ko alam! Mamaya na ‘yan!” Guidicelli quipped.

The “Paraiso” star went on to block other questions related to Geronimo, such as whether she is supportive of his Cosmo stint, and if he is indeed courting the prized Kapamilya actress.

However, Guidicelli’s all-smiles expression changed when one reporter brought up the alleged criticisms directed at him for supposedly denying his relationship with Geronimo.

“No, I never denied anything. Wala, eh… I didn’t deny naman. If the right time comes–” he said, before pausing as if to reconsider addressing the question. “I don’t know… Mamaya na! Huwag na!”

Asked if his reluctance to speak on the issue is so he can keep his “relationship” with Geronimo private, Guidicelli said, “Hindi naman. I just don’t think it’s the right time to talk about it.”

“Si Lord lang may alam [kung kailan]!” he quipped.

Addressing her ties with Guidicelli, Geronimo, in a separate interview early this week, similarly asked to be given time to speak on the matter “truthfully.”

“Kung ano man ‘yung sasabihin ko, ayaw ko naman pong magsalita ng… Basta gusto kong maging truthful sa inyo the best way that I can. Gusto ko pong manahimik na lang muna,” she said last Sunday.

Rumors romantically linking the Kapamilya stars surfaced early this year when Guidicelli was reported to be the only showbiz personality seen at Geronimo’s private birthday party in July, following his guest stint on her US concert series in the previous month.

At the time, Geronimo appeared more open in addressing questions about Guidicelli, describing him at one point as, “Napaka-cute na tao, napaka-respectful, marami endearing qualities at nakakatuwa.” (MNS)

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