Nov 252013

MANILA, Philippines – Innovation is part of MediCard’s commitment to quality healthcare as it continuously embodies the latest systems and technology in the health management industry.  That is why, recently, its employees and officers took part in the ICD-10 seminar workshop, a training program designed to reinforce the latest medical classification list endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO), adopted and mandated by DOH for use among all health institutions locally.

“ICD-10, which has over 16,000 codes, allows a much more specific coding of diseases, signs and symptoms, abnormal findings, complaints, social circumstances, and external causes of injury or diseases of our patients in MediCard,” says Dr. Nicky Montoya, MediCard president.  “We’re proud to say that we have been embracing this system for almost five years now.” 

Dr. Montoya adds that the coding system is helpful in utilization analysis to help companies manage their healthcare costs. Further, having claims personnel and clinic staff who are well-versed with the codes produces a faster and more reliable service to MediCard patients.

The ICD-10 is a universal language used in different health organizations. With this, medical records are easily understood worldwide because diagnosis is easily discerned from the records.

Conducted by National ICD-10 trainers Teresa Timbang and Fe Sinson of the Department of Health (DOH) National Epidemiologic Center (NEC), Philippine Medical Records Association (PMRA) president Lilian Garcia and PMRA secretary Elizabeth Tayag, the seminar produced a 95% passing rate among the participants.  Topping the new team of ICD-10 coders are: Dr. Jaen Castillo, center head for Hospital Based Patients Relations Management; Marco Antonio Bondoc of Medical Services Department and Rhegie Parducho of Customer Management Group.

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