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We received quite a number of letters from readers commenting on the topic of the last column. So while the iron is still hot, let’s strike with a few of them. Read on.

This one is from Rene Moral. He wrote:

“Before any of your suggestions are adopted and implemented, what can be done is to identify intersections that contribute to traffic gridlock because undisciplined drivers block rather than keep these open.

“There are even ignorant MMDA (Metro Manila Development Authority)traffic enforcers who allow vehicles to block intersections. Boni Serrano corner Katipunan Road is a classic example.

“The vital intersections should be manned by properly trained traffic cops from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.: the first shift responsible for managing traffic from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.; and the second shift, from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m.

“The names of the traffic officers on duty must be conspicuously posted where motorists can easily see these so complaints can easily be lodged against them should they abandon their posts or if they “misbehave” (extort from drivers).

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“It would be best if CCTV cameras connected to the MMDA headquarters are installed which are focused on how the traffic officers on duty are managing traffic conditions at any given time so MMDA officials will know who is doing his job properly and who is not.

“We see a lot of MMDA traffic officers standing by the side of the road waving at motorists. Instead of continuing this practice, they would be of better use if they were properly trained and assigned to man vital intersections.

First lesson

“The first lesson that should be taught them is to keep the intersection open at all times – a basic traffic rule. This alone will greatly contribute to easing traffic congestion.

“A review of the U-turn slots is also in order. Motorcycle riders and tricycle drivers make counter-flows on these. Two to three vehicles try to squeeze each other as they approach the U-turn slot that can only accommodate one vehicle at a time.

“When an accident occurs, it creates a huge traffic jam. This could be avoided if instead of a U-turn slot, a traffic cop was assigned to manage the flow of traffic in an orderly manner.

“A U-turn slot cannot enforce traffic rules and regulations. Neither can it apprehend traffic violators and enforce discipline on the road. Only a traffic policeman can do both.”


Our other featured reader is Atty. Deo G. Contreras Jr. of Quezon City who wrote:

“Your “Traffic Woes” article today should be put in the front page for Filipino drivers to read!

“To put it mildly, it is disheartening going through the traffic of Metro Manila. Aside from being counter-productive and delaying the smooth run of commerce, so many vehicular accidents are happening everyday causing human injuries and deaths.

“It seems almost everybody with a set of wheels are out in the streets of Metro Manila. There must be some order somewhere. The metro traffic aides seem at a loss on how to regulate a traffic-congested intersection. Some simply walk away from the problem and wait for the unruly drivers to untangle the traffic mess they have created.

“Whenever some traffic lights are out of order especially on busy streets, it is a rare sight to see a traffic aide coming to the rescue. Metro Manila traffic is anarchy in the streets! The metro can move forward by starting to discipline unruly Filipino drivers and putting our road system in order.

“We wish to share some thoughts to our traffic regulatory agencies:

1. Limit and stop the registration of vehicles particularly motorcycles, tricycles and jeepneys. They are the primary causes of chaotic traffic congestion and even pollution. It is enough that Metro Manila allows limited buses, taxis and an improved and expanded railway transport that carries more passengers and is less pollutive.

2. Hire properly educated and trained traffic aides.

3. Apprehend cargo trucks drivers who convert their six-wheeler trucks into four-wheelers by removing two tires to be able to run during prohibited hours. This only happens in the Philippines with the wrong-placed ingenuity of the Filipinos in violating the law.

No enforcement

4. Motorcycles are no longer following the blue lanes allotted to them in Metro Manila roads. The system is a waste of taxpayers’ money. Enforcement of the rule does not exist. Motorcycles are involved in fatal accidents almost everyday. Their use must also be limited.

5. Jeepney drivers are the best examples of traffic violators in Metro Manila and even neighboring provinces. They transport our common citizens and students zig-zagging along busy streets. Some if not most jeepney drivers are dressed in sandos, unwashed shirts and wear slippers while transporting passengers. Traffic authorities seem to have gone numb on these violators. The transport of human passengers needs the care and diligence of a good father of a family under our law.

6. Second-hand pollutive buses imported from other countries must not be allowed in Metro Manila roads. They are simply using our country as a junkyard.

7. Politicians and political allies must not be appointed to occupy high positions in Metro Manila traffic management offices. We need experienced traffic people specially those who rose from the ranks in the traffic agencies.

“The best of luck to all of us in traveling along the chaotic roads of Metro Manila.”

For table soccer aficionados

Foosball Filipinas Association Inc. (FFA), the official Philippine representative to International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF), is conducting an Open Multi-Table Tournament on Aug. 29 from 6 p.m. at A Space Manila, 110 Legazpi Street, Makati City.

Rafa Francisco, president of FFA, announced that the official tournament covers the Men’s Singles, Men’s Doubles and Junior Events. The game format calls for straight (single) elimination knockout with the first to score five goals wins the game. Winner of best of three games wins the match.

Francisco also said that the tournament will use the ITSF official Garlando brand (Italy) tables for single matches and the ITSF recognized Warrior brand (USA) for doubles match and junior events.

The event is part of an aggressive program for 2014 by Foosball Filipinas Association Inc. (FFA), a non-profit players’ association organized for the purpose of increasing the awareness and positive attributes of the game of foosball at local, regional and national levels. 

Interested sports enthusiasts may get more information about table soccer by visiting FFA and ITSF websites: and

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