Dec 172014

The National Bureau of Investigation will track down the calls made by the high profile New Bilibid Prison inmates, a report from GMA’s “24-Oras” program said Wednesday.

According to the report, the NBI will do this to identify who the inmates were calling outside the prison in hopes of discovering their other illegal activities.

The Bureau will do this by examining the mobile phones they confiscated during a massive prison raid involving over a hundred agents last Monday.

Aside from the mobile phones, luxury items such as appliances, watches, shoes and even sex toys were discovered in “kubols” during the raid.

There were also stacks of cash worth at least P2 million and illegal drugs seized from the convicts.

Even with the seizure, some NBI officials said the raid was tipped off to the convicts since they were expecting more illegal items.

Still, some confiscated items such as vaults from high profile inmate Herbert “Ampang” Colangco have yet to be opened and may provide more information to illegal activities in NBP.

There are also notebooks and log books that have Chinese characters with corresponding amounts of cash written beside the names. 

Last Monday, the Justice Department and the NBI conducted a raid on the NBP and discovered luxurious “kubols” inside the prison’s maximum security compound.

Twenty high profile convicts were transferred to an undisclosed holding facility following the raid where they will stay until the kubols have been dismantled. Andrei Medina/NB, GMA News

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