Dec 222014
The 20 convicts who were removed from the New Bilibid Prison after a raid by the Department of Justice will be detained in common holding areas together with other inmates upon their return to the national penitentiary, the new NBP superintendent said on Monday.

In a report on GMA News’ “24 Oras,” NBP superintendent Richard Schwarzkopf Jr. said construction materials for wealthy inmates’ kubol or special holding areas would also no longer be allowed to enter the prison.

“Hindi muna natin pinapapasok ‘yung construction materials if it is intendend para doon sa ating personal inmates natin doon sa loob. May mga pinapasok tayo diyan, ito ‘yung mga project na ng Bureau of Corrections,” Schwarzkopf said. 

He has also imposed stricter rules against cellphone and Internet use inside NBP. 

The inmates were removed after the DOJ found out that they were staying in holding areas fitted with prohibited luxury amenities and that they were being accorded special privileges such as mobile phone and Internet services.

Drug convicts were also found to be transacting drug deals from inside the penitentiary.


Schwarzkopf has already served as a NBP superintendent in 2012 before he was assigned as the chief of Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm in Palawan. 

Schwarzkopf said on Monday that he is going to reshuffle officials and jail guards at the penitentiary to avoid too much familiarity with the inmates.

“Magkakaroon tayo ng movement ng personnel sa rank and file to avoid familiarization of our personnel s ating mga inmates,” he explained in a report on 24 Oras. 

He added that instilling the value of honesty among the Bilibid personnel is key to eradicate illegal activities such as prostitution and drug trade and ensure tight security inside the penitentiary. 

Schwarzkopf is also planning to demolish the luxurious kubol inside the Bilibid’s maximum security compound that the Department of Justice raided last week and put up new cells that the other inmates can use. Trisha Macas/NB, GMA News

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